Value My Trade

One of the best ways to buy another vehicle is by trading in your current vehicle towards your next purchase. Not everyone knows where to turn when someone asks, “how do I value my trade?” but DePaula Auto Group makes it easy for everyone to value their trade and get a quick and easy appraisal. This makes it easier than ever before to make the trade and get the car, truck, crossover, EV, or SUV you want.

At DePaula Auto Group, we're more than happy to help you value your trade and go through the process of trading in your vehicle so you can put the money towards the vehicle you want to drive. We remove the hassle, confusion, and roadblocks involved in the process of valuing your trade. You don't have to stress over jumping through hoops to get a valuation on your vehicle and the right kind of appraisal so you can take the next steps toward trading in your car.

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Why Trade In Your Vehicle?

Why should you trade in your vehicle? Why not just sell you car? Well, it all comes down to what you have planned when it comes to buying your next car. Trading in your current vehicle makes a lot of sense when you find yourself working with a strict budget. Instead of spending more than you have to, trading in your current vehicle balances out your finances. You can use your current vehicle as collateral to help reduce the down payment on your next vehicle purchase. This means paying less in the long run and even potentially reducing your monthly costs depending on how much your current vehicle is worth, which leads into the importance of valuing your trade.

If you get back a sizable amount for your vehicle, then you can use it as a down payment on your next car, truck, or SUV purchase, and that ultimately results in spending less of your own money out of pocket when buying another vehicle. What's more is that if you plan on having only one daily driver, it doesn't make sense to have two cars at the same time.

Alternatively, if you have multiple vehicles and only need one or two, you can trade in one of your current vehicles for something else. We make the hassle-free process of trading in your vehicle convenient for those who want to keep their expenses low and their costs down. Trading in a vehicle you no longer drive, no longer need, or feel is costing you more than what it's worth is a great way to relieve you of some of the financial overhead that comes with buying something else. There are no major downsides to considering trading in your vehicle over selling it, and at least getting an appraisal on your current vehicle that can be used towards the purchase of something else.

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What to Do Before You Trade In

There are a few things that you need to do before trading in your current vehicle, and it usually begins with gathering all the necessary paperwork indicating ownership, key fobs, and any other required equipment for operating the vehicle. This should also include cleaning up the car both inside and out. A good wash-down goes a long way when it comes to increasing the valuation of your vehicle. It gives you an excellent idea of what your car looks like, all cleaned up on the outside, and whether there are any obvious indications of exterior damage that may need to be addressed.

Additionally, cleaning up the interior of the vehicle goes a long way in helping with the appraisal of your vehicle. Cleaning out the ashtrays, compartments, or storage areas of any leftover trash, paper, food, bags, or any personal items means you could end up getting a lot more back for your trade than if you didn't clean out the interior. You can also do a light scrub or brush down of the seats, the carpets, or any floor liners. The cleaner everything is, the newer the vehicle will appear, and the more you could get back for it during the trade-in process.

Giving the vehicle a light inspection for any missing items, broken items, or unsightly elements can also go a long way in addressing some minor problems you can fix on your own. Without spending an arm and a leg on repairing the vehicle, addressing some of the basics that can be fixed or replaced can help a lot, such as replacing torn or missing floor mats or ensuring that all of the basic mechanics of the vehicle work, such as doors, handles, and levers. Doing a basic check of the mechanical components can help a lot as well, such as the engine starting, the transmission shifting gears properly, and the vehicle being aligned, along with the tires having proper pressure. These basic inspections you can carry out will give you an idea of what to expect when you value your trade. If you want to get a little bit more for the car, you can also consider taking it to an auto repair shop to fix up some of the issues before getting it appraised.

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Why Work With DePaula Auto Group?

One of the best parts about shopping for your next vehicle through the DePaula Auto Group is knowing that you have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. You can't go wrong with DePaula Auto Group because we carry so many different brands and models at our various dealerships that you're bound to get a great value on your car, truck, or SUV. Whether you're attempting to trade in a Chevy, a Ford, a Mazda, or another model, we have such a diverse selection of models it makes it easy both to trade in and find something new worth buying.

The DePaula Auto Group stretches across DePaula Mazda, DePaula Chevrolet, and DePaula Ford, so you're not limited in what services, inventory, and trade-in valuations you can expect when shopping through our auto group. This level of diversity and variety means that you have a wide selection of different brands, model years, trims, and features to choose from when trading in your vehicle. It also means you can expect to get back the most for your trade-in, as we're not limited in which kind of models or brands we take. This gives you a lot more leeway and opportunities to shop according to your budget and preferences.

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