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When you are shopping for a great vehicle, you have a lot of great options available to you. This includes new Chevys, used vehicles, and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) models. A lot of people get confused by the differences between “pre-owned” and CPO vehicles, which is understandable because the names are very similar. While it might seem like “CPO” is just a marketing tactic, the difference is quite significant and makes an impact on the kind of vehicle you get and your experience as an owner––not to mention the value that your purchase retains after you drive away.

Choosing a great vehicle in the best condition possible will ensure you get the most from it and make your shopping experience easier. Picking a CPO model makes it simple to get a fantastic used vehicle in excellent condition with protection for your purchase for years after you drive away. Chevy has one of the best CPO programs in the industry, making it a terrific choice when looking for your next vehicle.

What Is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

As you probably know, a “new” vehicle is one that is brand-new from the manufacturer, while a “used” or “pre-owned” model is one that has been owned or leased by a previous driver. A “Certified Pre-Owned” vehicle, however, has had one previous owner or was a lease, but it also has to meet certain standards in order to pass certification. This ensures that these vehicles are in the best condition possible, which helps eliminate some of the uncertainty many people feel about used models.

Every manufacturer sets its standards for what can be offered as a CPO vehicle, and anything that falls short cannot be certified. For example, a Chevy CPO vehicle can be no older than six model years, and it cannot have more than 75,000 miles on it. If either of these criteria is surpassed, then the vehicle cannot be sold as a CPO. In addition to this, every CPO vehicle has to pass an inspection process set by the manufacturer to ensure it is in great condition.

The Certified Pre-Owned Inspection

Chevrolet has one of the most extensive inspections in the auto industry, which means you can be confident that a Chevy CPO is a fantastic choice. In order to qualify and be offered as a CPO model, a Chevy has to pass a rigorous 172-point vehicle inspection that looks at the car, truck, or SUV inside and out. This includes checking all of the electrical and mechanical systems, evaluating it on a brief road test, and inspecting under the vehicle and throughout the engine compartment. If anything requires service to meet Chevy’s high standards, then that service needs to be performed before the vehicle can be offered as a CPO model.

Vehicle History Report

In addition to this inspection, the majority of CPO vehicles on the market also come with a comprehensive Vehicle History Report. This information provides you with a look at what the vehicle might have been through with a previous owner so that you can see it was treated well before you even take it for a test drive. Dealerships use this information to support what they find in their inspection process and provide a greater overall look at the car’s condition.

With a Chevy CPO vehicle, every model comes with a report from either CARFAX or AutoCheck to ensure it is in great shape. This information is provided to you so that you can see everything we know about any particular vehicle. All of this transparency makes it easy to drive away in a CPO model with confidence in your purchase and the knowledge that you picked a great ride that will treat you well for many years to come.

Warranty Protection

While the inspections and high standards of a CPO model are great, one of the biggest reasons many people choose a CPO vehicle is for the warranty coverage that it comes with. Many used models have, at most, some of the original manufacturer warranty protection still on them, but this usually ends not long after you buy it. You might be able to find a dealership that offers warranty coverage, but that is far from guaranteed and not as useful as manufacturer protection.

The exact terms of any warranty on a CPO model will depend on which brand you choose, but Chevy vehicles have led the way in setting the standard for the best warranty coverage out there. Every CPO Chevy comes with the following protection:

  • 6-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty
  • 12-Month/12,000-Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty

This ensures you drive away with fantastic protection on your vehicle that goes beyond whatever was offered when it was sold as new. There is really nothing quite like the confidence that this kind of warranty protection affords, not to mention how much money it can save you if any issues do arise after you buy your vehicle. Both of these warranties from Chevy have a $0 deductible for service on covered parts, and they are transferable with the vehicle.

Other Benefits

Some CPO programs also include other secondary benefits beyond the inspection and warranty coverage. The Chevy program, for example, provides a 3-day/150-mile vehicle exchange program so that if you decide the model you picked is not quite right, you have a brief window to exchange the CPO model for a different vehicle. All Chevy CPO models are also covered by 24/7 Roadside Assistance and courtesy transportation throughout the duration of the powertrain limited warranty at no additional cost. You also get scheduled maintenance with two visits included within the first 2-years/24,000-miles, including oil and filter changes and inspections to ensure your ride is in great shape.

Is a Chevy Certified Pre-Owned Model Right for You?

As you can see, a great CPO vehicle has so much more to offer than a standard pre-owned model that it is no surprise that so many people see them as the best overall value while shopping for a car. These models hit the sweet spot between a new and used option: lower cost than a new model while giving you greater peace of mind and protection than a pre-owned vehicle. The benefits of these vehicles are clear to see, making them very popular among many drivers. You can only find these fantastic CPO models at a dealership authorized by the manufacturer, like our own DePuala Chevrolet. What are you waiting for? Find your Certified Pre-Owned model today at DePaula Chevrolet!

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