The Certified Difference: What It Means to Shop Certified Pre-Owned

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Certified Difference: What It Means to Shop Certified Pre-Owned

You deserve to have confidence in your purchase, and DePaula Auto Group is here to guarantee as much with our Certified Pre-Owned selection. You can visit one of our rooftops to find the perfect Certified Pre-Owned Mazda, Ford, or Chevrolet for your needs. But what exactly does it mean when a vehicle is Certified Pre-Owned and how does that exclusive badge engineer confidence in your purchase long after you drive off our lot?

Whether you’re shopping at DePaula Chevrolet, DePaula Ford, or DePaula Mazda, our dealerships have high-quality standards. Our goal is to ensure you only have the best to choose from, which is the purpose of our Certified Pre-Owned program. As a result, the risk once associated with shopping for a used model is dramatically mitigated with the Certified Pre-Owned badge, and here’s why.

Chevrolet, Ford, and Mazda have stringent Certified Pre-Owned requirements, which means not every used model will make the cut. Every model with a Certified Pre-Owned sticker must meet certain age and mileage requirements and pass a comprehensive inspection and reconditioning process. Our certified technicians oversee the inspection, looking over everything from the owner’s manual and infotainment system to the powertrain and brakes to ensure operability.

Every Chevrolet, Ford, or Mazda that passes the comprehensive inspection is then sent for reconditioning, where technicians repair any issues and get the vehicle as close to its original or “like new” condition as possible. Once this process is complete, the models are competitively priced with a manufacturer-backed warranty and added to our inventory. So by the time you shop our selection, you know that every Certified Pre-Owned model has been put to the test to ensure it meets every standard and requirement for quality, operability, and reliability.

Why Shop Certified Pre-Owned?

How much is your peace of mind worth when you get behind the wheel? For DePaula Auto Group, your peace of mind is priceless, so we go to great lengths to deliver an exceptional selection of Certified Pre-Owned models. You know that when you shop our Certified Pre-Owned inventory, every model is thoroughly vetted and backed by the manufacturer. But what other benefits come with shopping for a Certified Pre-Owned car, truck, or SUV at a DePaula dealership?

#1 Quality and Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

Every Certified Pre-Owned vehicle must pass a comprehensive inspection and reconditioning process that guarantees its quality before entering our inventory. This gives you the confidence to shop our certified selection, while our satisfaction guarantee eliminates the risk once associated with shopping for a pre-owned model. Automakers like Chevy, Ford, and Mazda know that buyer’s remorse is a reality for some, so they make the return process easy and hassle-free to guarantee your satisfaction even if you get home with the wrong model for your needs.

#2 More Car for Your Money

Buying a used vehicle is one of the wisest financial investments you can make, but what about buying a Certified Pre-Owned model? That’s an even better investment because you’re getting more car for your money. Certified Pre-Owned models are relatively new, but they’ve likely experienced the most significant loss in depreciation or value when they reach the used car lot. As a result, you pay closer to the vehicle’s actual value, which means you get a better-equipped car, truck, or SUV at a fraction of the price.

#3 Manufacturer-Backed Warranty and Other Perks

In addition to being thoroughly vetted, our Certified Pre-Owned models are backed by the manufacturer and DePaula Auto Group. Every Certified Pre-Owned model comes with a manufacturer-backed warranty that covers vital components like the engine, transmission, heater, air conditioner, and fuel tank. This coverage reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the vehicle, while perks like roadside assistance and complimentary maintenance services prove that your DePaula family is with you every mile ahead.

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