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Car Wash vs Detailing: What’s the Difference?

Your vehicle is an investment, and as with any investment, it deserves proper care and maintenance. Just like a mechanic takes care of his tools or a chef takes care of her cooking utensils, it’s your responsibility to care for and maintain your vehicle. After all, the goal is to keep it running and looking its best for many miles ahead. With the DePaula team, that’s easy with services like automotive detailing.

You may regularly drive through a local car wash or spend an occasional weekend washing your vehicle in the driveway, but this isn’t the same as having it professionally detailed. Car washes focus solely on the exterior and dirt on the surface, running anywhere from $7 to $25. On the other hand, automotive detailing focuses on exactly what its name implies: the details.

Professional detailing, like what you’ll find at DePaula Ford, DePaula Mazda, and DePaula Chevrolet, takes clean to the next level. Our technicians go beyond the initial car wash to restore your vehicle to as close to its original condition as possible. Unlike a standard car wash, detailing is more labor-intensive as our technicians take great care in going over every inch of your vehicle to look for and repair imperfections.

Detailing Services: What Can I Expect?

Every detailing service starts with an initial wash. Our technicians will wash your vehicle by hand or drive it through an automatic car wash. This clears the vehicle’s exterior of dirt, contaminants, and other debris, giving our technicians an excellent starting point. So, what’s next?

Exterior Services

After the initial wash, we’ll go over the entire vehicle, using special chemicals to clean bug residue, road tar, and other contaminants from the exterior of your car, truck, or SUV. We’ll even clean the door jambs, trunk jamb, underbody, wheel wells, and engine compartment. Once clean and dry, we’ll then inspect the paint on your vehicle to determine if paint restoration is needed. During this process, our technicians use a clay bar to remove contaminants like overspray, hard water spots, and residue to ensure the vehicle’s exterior is clean and smooth.

What happens if a clay bar doesn’t correct the issue? Our expert technicians might use an abrasive material like sandpaper followed by a polishing wheel for more troublesome areas. The polishing wheel can help restore the paint’s original shine and is followed up with a sealant, wax, or ceramic coating to protect the paint.

Waxing is one of the most popular paint protection compounds, with many customers often waxing their vehicles themselves at home. However, sealants are renowned for providing more durable protection, which means fewer applications each year. Ceramic coatings are even more durable, lasting as long as five years. The only caveat to ceramic coatings is that they can be challenging to apply, making it incredibly important to leave it to the experts to get it just right.


Professional detailing services can also include restoring the interior of your car, truck, or SUV to its like-new condition. Interior car detailing can bring your vehicle back to life, giving it that new car aesthetic despite its age and mileage. So, what can you expect when you have the interior detailed at one of our DePaula service centers?

Our technicians like to start with a clean slate, which means vacuuming everything from the seats and headliners to the rear cargo area. Next, they’ll remove and clean the floor mats and use an air compressor to get those hard-to-reach places. Once vacuumed, they inspect the carpet for stains and imperfections, scrubbing and steam cleaning it to perfection. Then, it’s a waiting game until the carpet dries completely.

After the carpets are restored, we work our way up. If your vehicle has leather seating, the technicians will deep clean and condition the leather to restore its suppleness. Next, we’ll clean the windshield, windows, and mirrors for a streak-free shine. But our work isn’t done yet. Once every surface is clean, we wipe down the dashboard to restore its original luster. Finally, we’ll vacuum the carpets again to ensure perfection and use a deodorant that will leave your vehicle smelling just like new.

Protecting Your Investment: What Are the Benefits of Regular Detailing?

We’re in the automotive business, but we do more than sell cars, trucks, and SUVs. We help you protect your investment. We have one of the best automotive detailing teams in the region and are renowned for treating every vehicle like our own. But what are some other perks to using the DePaula team for your detailing needs?

Improves Your Vehicle’s Appearance

It’s easy to see why having your vehicle professionally detailed improves your car’s appearance. Our technicians go over every inch of your vehicle, removing contaminants and repairing imperfections to return it to its like-new condition. This restoration is why so many people have their cars professionally detailed before trading or selling.

Extends Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

Every time you drive your car, truck, or SUV, its value and lifespan decrease due to wear and tear. Dirt, debris, and other contaminants take a toll on the paint and can affect the interior upholstery and even how the engine runs. Since detailing removes these contaminants, it extends the lifespan of your vehicle and adds more money to your wallet by impacting how fast it depreciates or loses value. As a result, a regularly detailed and properly maintained car will often fetch a higher resale price.

Improves Engine Performance

Your engine is exposed to all the elements, from dust and debris to rain and harsh conditions. The oil in the engine works to clean, lubricate, and cool the engine’s many moving parts, which is why routine oil changes are essential. However, detailing can also improve your engine’s lifespan since our technicians will thoroughly clean under the hood, ensuring the engine and its many components run cooler and smoother.

Trust the Experts: DePaula Auto Group

Are you ready to breathe new life into your car, truck, or SUV? We encourage you to start small by investing in a professional detailing service like what we offer at DePaula Chevrolet, DePaula Mazda, and DePaula Ford. Our team of expert detailers can restore your vehicle and take it from worn-in to like new in no time at all.

As you’ve experienced with every other aspect of the DePaula team, you’ll find the same commitment to honesty and transparency when you bring your vehicle in for detailing. Our goal is to help you protect your investment and extend its longevity. Why? Because we want you to get the most out of your vehicle and the most for your money. Our customer-centric approach guarantees as much.

So, what else can you expect while you’re here? You’ll find every DePaula dealership values your time. We know that your life is hectic and that any time you spend with us means missing out on something else. To ensure no time is wasted, you can save time by scheduling your detailing appointment online. Then, once you’re at the dealership, you can enjoy amenities like complimentary refreshments and WiFi that ensure you’re comfortable and connected while you wait!

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