Used Car Dealership Near Colonie

Filled with good vibes, great people, and one of the best collections of suburbs in the state, it's easy to see why many long-time Colonie residents have a love affair with the city. It's a great place to live and raise a family and an even better place to drive, thanks to the laid-back nature of its layout and friendly townsfolk. That's why at DePaula Auto Group, we have a great selection of amazing vehicles available across various brands, models, nameplates, and trims to help give you a great sense of variety and a number of opportunities to find the perfect vehicle to match the laid back nature of Colonie.

If you're looking for a used car dealership near Colonie that offers a versatile selection of cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs, you can rest assured you will be able to find something that appeals to you at our Albany dealerships. We not only have a lot of great vehicles available from a wide selection of different models, but we also have great prices on the vehicles in our inventory and a lot of great services as well. You can rely on us for all your used car needs, from purchasing to maintenance and parts.

A blue 2019 Ford Focus RS is shown from the front at an angle.

Whether Its Ford, Mazda, or Chevy, We Will Help You Choose an Excellent Model

Many dealerships only focus on a specific kind of brand, limiting what sort of vehicles you can shop for. But at DePaula Mazda, Ford, and Chevrolet, we have brands that specialize in variety. In fact, through our auto group, you will easily find that we have a wide variety of models available spanning all different kinds of brands, from Ford and Chevy to Mazda. That means you can find all sorts of different popular and best-selling used vehicles, from compact sedans and subcompact crossovers to full-size trucks and midsize SUVs. We feature all different kinds of vehicles at different prices from different brands, and we can help you find the perfect vehicle.

For Colonie residents, it means we cover the gamut of different drivers and tastes for whatever you're looking to own. From shopping through the SUVs available from the Chevrolet brand to finding something cost-effective and affordable from Mazda to scouting through the rugged and muscular options available from Ford, there is literally every type of brand with every type of class segment vehicle for every type of Colonie driver. From daily driving to work trucks to navigating the busy streets of inner city travel, there is a vehicle for you.

A grey 2021 Mazda3 Hatchback is shown in close-up after leaving a used car dealership near Colonie.

Maybe you're in need of a new work truck and want a great deal on a popular trim of the F-150. We have some options available for you. Or maybe you're interested in an executive town car for a new job in lower Manhattan? We carry upscale pre-owned Cadillac and Nissan sedans. Perhaps you need a midsize SUV for family or recreational use? We have a wide variety of different used models from GMC, Ford, Chevy, and Kia, to name but a few. Essentially, from small crossovers to large work trucks and plenty of other vehicles that fit every type of driving discipline you can think of, we have an option for you.

We Regularly Refresh Our Inventory With a Variety of Pre-Owned Makes and Models

Some dealerships focus on having an expansive inventory of vehicles that they just can't sell. It's easy to have a large selection if the selection never changes. But at DePaula Maza, Ford, and Chevrolet, we focus more on quality than quantity. That means having a regular refresh of our inventory and keeping the stock filled with a great supply of worthwhile pre-owned vehicles that we know Colonie drivers will want to get behind the wheel of.

Our carefully curated selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs is part of our dedication to keeping a high-quality inventory available for shoppers of all kinds. That means keeping a fresh stock of used vehicles of recent model year outings. Whether that's used trims of the latest Ford trucks from the F-Series or used trims for the latest Chevy models from recent generation nameplates, you can find a large swathe of different models on our lot from a lot of popular models that have rolled off the assembly line in recent times.

But we go beyond that; we also take care to keep our curated list of used vehicles updated regularly. You won't find 30 or 40-year-old used vehicles on our lot or a stash of rusted lemons. We take care to actually update and fill out our available used vehicles to ensure that everyone shopping for a specific kind of vehicle will find something modern, recent, affordable, and feature-rich from our selection. This includes just about every popular model currently on the market, from Toyota and Volkswagen to Ram and Volvo, all the way to Honda and Hyundai. Whatever you're searching for, we can definitely help you find it.

Incentives for Shopping With Us

A great inventory gets you a great vehicle, but you also need a great staff of knowledgeable and reliable people at a dealership who know their way around a vehicle to keep it running smoothly. At regularly scheduled service intervals, you don't want to bring your used vehicle to technicians who may not understand or know how to keep it running as it should. That's why at DePaula, we have certified technicians, meaning that the vehicle you purchase will not be foreign to our mechanics.

You can schedule to have your vehicle's battery recharged, the wheels aligned, or the fluid topped off, and you can have it all done easily in one place. We even have a detailing shop so that if you opt to buy your vehicle – whether to get around Colonie or to travel well beyond the crossroads of the capital district – you can ensure that it looks magnificent no matter where you go. And even if you encounter a mishap that results in the vehicle getting a dent or a ding, we have a collision shop that's perfect for getting any scratches buffed out or any dents smoothed to perfection.

A red 2021 Chevy Traverse RS is shown from the front at an angle.

Other incentives for shopping at DePaula is being able to order official OEM parts from Mazda, Ford, or Chevy. This is a fantastic option and opportunity for those looking to find a specific part for a specific kind of vehicle. We make it easy to find the make and model and then get the exact kind of OEM replacement, upgrade, or accessory as you see fit. We even have options to shop through our available fleet vehicles.

With our robust search options, you can easily filter through the kind of used vehicles you're interested in based on features, powertrain, trim, mileage, color, body style, and even the make and the year. So not only do you have a great dealership to look to for a wide selection of used vehicles, parts, and service maintenance, but you also have a lot of great filters, search tools, and buying options that make the shopping process extremely user-friendly.

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