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What does it mean to invest in DePaula Ford? First, it means joining a team that’s constantly working for you, whether you’re shopping for a new vehicle or relying on the expertise of our certified service technicians. It also means working with a comprehensive automotive center that’s there for all your driving and automotive needs so that you have peace of mind on the road.

Our Parts Center is the backbone of our success as a one-stop automotive center because it gives our customers the tools they need to update, modify, and repair their vehicles. Our service center is fully stocked with genuine OEM parts and run by advisors with over 100 years of combined industry experience. This expertise works in your favor, whether you’re looking for new wheels, an air filter, oil filter, headlights, taillights, or brake components.

What’s even more impressive is that, in addition to our vast selection of Ford OEM parts, we also carry a healthy inventory of parts to fit other makes and models. This means we can not only help you find parts for your Ford F-150, but we can also find parts for the SUV sitting in your garage. This truly makes us a comprehensive automotive center and showcases our commitment to customers like you, saving you valuable time and money.

OEM Parts: Keeping Your Ford a Ford

If you’ve ever shopped for groceries, you know that there are name-brand items alongside their off-brand counterparts that are cheaper but promise a similar taste. Unfortunately, the off-brand is often a watered-down alternative made with lesser-quality ingredients that leave you regretting your purchase. While this isn’t always the case, it’s certainly common and directly correlates to the ongoing debate between OEM and aftermarket parts.

OEM parts are original equipment manufacturer parts that the manufacturer designs specifically for a model. Because the manufacturer is responsible for the design, OEM parts are typically made with higher-quality materials and come with a limited warranty that reflects their fit and function. As a result, they are not only precise, but they’re guaranteed to work just as the original part that came when your Ford rolled off the assembly line.

In contrast, aftermarket parts are designed to reduce cost. To do this, manufacturers cut corners using lesser-quality materials and adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. So while an OEM part is a genuine Ford component, an aftermarket part like an oil or air filter isn’t explicitly designed for your Ford F-150 and might fit a Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, or another model. Why does this matter?

Integrity, Precision, and Value

OEM parts maintain the integrity of your Ford, down to its smallest components, which is a significant factor for purists who like the idea of using factory-made parts. This guarantees your Ford stays a Ford and eliminates any guesswork about the part’s function. Unlike an aftermarket part, an OEM part for a Ford Expedition headlight is designed only for that make and model. It’s precisely engineered.

As a result of this precision and high-quality materials, OEM parts are generally a better value. You’ll experience this firsthand at our parts department, where our expert technicians can show you critical differences between OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories. You may also experience this after buying an aftermarket part only to replace it in a few months with an OEM part that will last the lifetime of your vehicle.

DePaula Ford Is Here for You

Whether you’re looking for serpentine belts, air filters, brake components, wheels, outside mirrors, or something else, you’ll find it all at DePaula Ford’s Part Center. Our expert advisors can help you find the right part and give you a few tips and tricks to make the repair or modification easier. With over a century of combined experience in the automotive industry, why not use our expertise to your advantage?

Our unparalleled expertise is complemented by our unique approach to our customers and our commitment to transparency and respect. We prioritize every customer, especially those relying on us, to find high-quality parts to get their vehicle up and running or modified to their needs. We don’t believe in high-pressure tactics or intimidation; instead, we choose to celebrate every customer who walks through our door by treating them with the utmost respect. After all, you’re part of the DePaula Ford family.

If you’re looking for quality parts and accessories, look no further than DePaula Ford. We know how important it is to protect your investment and outfit your vehicle with the right parts. As a comprehensive automotive center, we’re here to help with whatever you need in one convenient location where you always come first.


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