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Helping Your Business Succeed

As a business owner, you have a lot to think about every day. Your time clock never shuts off, requiring you to spend almost every waking moment of your day thinking about how you can better serve your customers, attract top talent, and create brand loyalty. The mental and physical load of owning a business is heavy, so why not let us help carry some of the weight?

DePaula Auto Group is here to help your business succeed by reaching more customers with reliable transportation. So, how do we do it? Whether you own a landscaping company, run a delivery service, or shuttle passengers from one place to another, Chevy and Ford offer exceptional fleet programs that make it easy to equip your business with the transportation you need to get any job done. Between DePaula Chevrolet and DePaula Ford, we’ve got you covered.

By helping you find the perfect fleet vehicle for your business, we’re proactively investing in your future and that of your company. We know firsthand the importance of shopping locally, but we also know the importance of reinvesting locally with our customers. That’s what you get when you rely on the DePaula team––a team committed to your success and willing to go the extra mile to make your dreams come true.

Why Invest in a Commercial Fleet?

Every business runs on supply and demand. So, why not ensure you can meet those demands efficiently and effectively to keep your customers satisfied? A commercial fleet can help you do precisely that. For restaurants, this means delivering food while it’s still hot. For contractors, it means getting to a client’s home quickly to repair the heater before the next winter snowstorm hits.

When you have this transportation in place, you’re setting your business up for ongoing success. Your customers know they can depend on you, which engineers brand loyalty and delivers a significant return on your investment. For example, a satisfied customer will sing your praises to their friends, earning you new clients and repeat business.

Another advantage to buying a commercial vehicle is that it’s an advertisement that never stops working for your company. Think about the billboards and signage you see along the roads and how they grab your attention. Imagine your commercial fleet as mobile billboards, constantly advertising your company to everyone on the road.

Your Fleet Options Look Good with DePaula

Running your own business requires a lot of logistics. For example, a construction company might rely on a fleet of trucks that tows heavy loads and doubles as mobile offices. Likewise, a landscaping business needs a reliable way to haul equipment and a team of four employees. A delivery company must know their hauling needs to ensure their trucks or vans can accommodate the products. The same can be said for shuttle companies as they consider the number of passengers they can comfortably carry with their cargo.

DePaula Auto Group will help you navigate the logistics and find the perfect fleet vehicle for your business needs. Fortunately, Chevrolet and Ford make it easy with their extensive lineups that cater to a variety of driving, transportation, and towing needs. You’ll find everything from mid-size trucks to diesel-powered road warriors that balance efficiency with capability to get any job done. Depending on your business, you may find a chassis cab or cutaway that better suits your needs, giving you a blank canvas to design the perfect vehicle for the services you provide. Or perhaps you’re looking for something entirely different, like a transit van that can accommodate everything from small equipment and tools to bulkier cargo and passengers. We’ve got it all at DePaula Ford and DePaula Chevrolet.

We’re Here for the Long Haul

Investing in a commercial vehicle with DePaula Auto Group doesn’t end with your purchase. Buying a vehicle takes mere moments compared to how long you’ll oversee the fleet. So, how can we help?

We’re not just here for the sale; we’re here for the long haul. Our state-of-the-art service departments are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and some of the best technicians in the region. So whether your business relies on Ford or Chevrolet, our team can help with every routine maintenance need and repair. There’s no job too big or too small.

We know how important your fleet vehicle is to your business, which is why our technicians operate with the same integrity and transparency as the rest of the DePaula team. Our goal is to get your vehicle in and out of our service center as quickly as possible, so your business never misses a beat. With our commitment to transparency, you always know what to expect, which is something every business owner will appreciate as it sets us apart from every other commercial dealer in the region.

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