Why Chevys Make the Best Used Cars


Are you starting the search for a great used car, but aren’t sure where to start? With so many opinions, blogs, and awards given out to different car brands and their models, it can be dizzying just to narrow your search down to a few potential candidates. Even after thoroughly vetting each of these candidates, choosing which of the many used cars for sale is the right one for you, can be a difficult decision to make.

Bye Bye, Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s remorse is a very real thing, and it is bad enough to experience when you buy a new trendy pair of shoes – not to mention a much more expensive car. Rather than leave things up to chance, or get stuck driving around in an unreliable used car you loathe, why not open up your options to a quality used car from Chevrolet? There are plenty of reasons why American drivers put their trust in the iconic bowtie brand more than any other automotive manufacturer, starting with the fact that Chevy is the most awarded car brand in the United States for the past two years. With that kind of foundation to stand on, Chevrolet should certainly be at the top of your list of used cars to check out for sale here in Albany, New York.

5 Reasons to Buy a Used Chevrolet

Why take a gamble buying a used car, truck, or SUV produced by an automotive manufacturer with a checkered past in reliability and quality? Just as you wouldn’t buy a product of any kind that was known to be faulty, you wouldn’t want to purchase a vehicle from a brand known for manufacturing unreliable cars. Choosing a reliable and dependable vehicle is important any time you search for cars for sale, but it is especially noteworthy to consider this when shopping for a used vehicle. Chevrolet is a brand that is most known for reliability, dependability, and engineering vehicles that last. That is the main reason why buyers are turning to the bowtie brand for their used car needs, discover a few more by exploring below:

  1. Most Awarded Car Brand: In the automotive industry, awards and recognition mean everything. For the past two years, Chevrolet has earned the title of most awarded car brand in America – a recognition that the company is no stranger to receiving. In 2013, Chevrolet earned more JD Power Initial Quality awards than any other automotive brand, making that model year an exceptional one for used car buyers. Chevrolet has been racking up awards from industry experts for decades, making it one of the highest regarded brands for purchasing used vehicles that are durable and dependable.
  2. Long Standing Reputation: Right along with Chevy’s excellence in automotive engineering, is its stellar reputation. With more than one hundred years under its belt, Chevrolet has been able to withstand various obstacles and prove that it is here for the long run. The kind of longevity that the Chevrolet brand brings to the table says a lot about the quality of the vehicles boasted by the brand, and the satisfaction of the drivers who purchase them.
  3. Safety First: In today’s automotive marketplace, safety is one of the most important considerations for buyers. Finding a car that is reliable is great, but if it can’t keep you safe on all of your journeys, then what is the point? Chevrolet has been committed to advanced vehicle safety for decades, and has plenty of awards to prove that dedication. For the 2014 model year, seven vehicles in the Chevy lineup received the highest possible overall safety score from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. These vehicles, equipped with lane departure warning, forward collision alert, and other high-tech safety systems, are responsible for keeping drivers and passengers safe across all fifty states. Finding a reliable pre-owned car that is safe should be the top priority of car buyers, and that priority is easily met with a used Chevrolet vehicle.
  4. Plenty to Choose From: If finding the perfect used vehicle is important to you, then put your full trust in the bowtie brand’s ability to deliver a versatile lineup from just about every vehicle segment on the market. From compact city cars, to full-size SUVs, Chevrolet has versatility covered. With more options than other brands, finding the right used vehicle from the Chevrolet brand lineup is easier than ever before. Not only are you opening up your options to dozens of vehicles from the most recent model year, but to the unlimited selection of every car, truck, and SUV ever produced under the all-American Chevrolet name.
  5. Budget Friendly: Chevrolet is a name that you can count on for a lot of things, including options for drivers with all types of budgets. Whether you are looking for used cars for sale under $5,000, or are willing to spend more than $20,000 on a fully-loaded newer Chevy model, you can find it at a certified dealer such as DePaula Chevrolet in Albany, New York. Featuring plenty of used cars for sale with a sticker price well below what you would pay for the same vehicle new, buying a used Chevrolet is the most budget-friendly decision you will ever make.

Find Your Used Chevy at DePaula Chevrolet

When searching through your options of cars for sale, don’t settle on a brand that isn’t fully committed to reliability, safety, dependability, and your financial security. Chevrolet is the brand that Americans trust most when it comes to buying both new and used vehicles, and you can find a great selection of options at DePaula Chevrolet.

The Albany, NY dealership that car buyers trust the most for new and used vehicle purchases, DePaula Chevrolet is the perfect place to embark on your journey to a new-to-you Chevy vehicle. With a large inventory of both new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs, the most dependable car brand in America can be found at the most dependable dealership in New York state. If you are searching for that perfect used vehicle, come down to DePaula Chevrolet and discover all that we have to offer.