What are the Differences Between the Top Tire Brands?

Nobody enjoys having to buy replacement tires. It’s not only a huge disruption, but it can also cost a pretty penny to buy a new set. While you may have planned to use that money elsewhere, you’re now required to invest it into your car. As a result, many drivers often ignore brands when they’re shopping for new tires. While we don’t blame their urgency or their quest for a great deal, they may be doing themselves a disservice by ignoring the name on the rubber.

Of course, before you go shopping, there are several things you’ll want to consider, including your expectations of a new tire. If you’re focused on buying long-lasting tires, then you’ll want to assure that your target has a good tread life. If you’re looking for tires that can help get you through the snow and ice, then you’ll want to pursue a product that has excellent traction.

Clearly, there are a variety of different tires that cater to many different needs. We understand if the financial aspect is your main motivation. However, many of these tires will be similarly priced. Instead of blindly going with a brand name that you recognize, you might as well go after a tire that provides all of your desired attributes.

Still, it can be important to understand the differences between the most popular tire brands. If you visit a local dealership, you’ll surely come across a variety of different offerings, and it can be difficult determining which product is best for you and your vehicle. We’ve compiled some of the pros and cons of the most popular tire brands below, and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these companies should help you when you inevitably search for tires for sale


This company has been around for more than 100 years, so it’s no surprise that they’re one of the leaders in the tire industry. The brand offers a variety of different products that can cater to any vehicle or conditions. Michelin offers tires for cars and trucks, and they also sell tires that are specific to certain seasons.

Pundits have commended Michelin for their reliable and long-lasting tread, and the tires’ longevity probably plays a big role in why customers continually return to the brand. Their all-season tires are renowned for their ability to adapt to any weather, while the winter tires are often highlighted for their superb traction and stopping ability.

While you won’t often see warranties attached to tires, Michelin is one of the few brands that offers protections on their products. This is just another reason why the historic company is one of the best in the business.


Pirelli tires certainly aren’t for everybody, as their products are often marketed towards those with sporty or luxury cars. Of course, because of their high-performance engineering, this brand’s products are considered some of the best in the industry.

The company’s main tires are geared towards all-season use, although one of their top sellers is a summer-oriented tire. Reviewers have pointed out the rubber’s superb grip of the road, while others have noticed how the tires improve the overall drivability of the vehicle.


This brand has some of the best prices on the market. However, customers shouldn’t assume that their products are any less capable because of the affordability. These tires still perform well in a number of conditions, and the brand’s wide selection makes them an obvious go-to for mechanics and customers.

While some tires can result in a loud or bumpy ride, Continental’s products provide one of the smoothest rides in the industry. The tread life typically doesn’t last as long as other brand’s tires, but the incredible price tag will easily make up for that discrepancy.


This company generally produces tires that accommodate the winter months. But no matter the season, their successful and highly-acclaimed products makes Nokian an obvious choice for those seeking new tires.

Since the brand has generally zeroed in on producing tires that can overcome snow and ice, their products tend to test better in categories like traction and control. Nokian can be an especially good choice for those who tend to install different tires for different seasons. Instead of choosing another brand’s winter tires, consider the company that specializes in these specific products.

Fortunately, the brand doesn’t only produce winter tires. The company also has a well-reviewed summer tire, as well as several different all-season tires.


Everyone’s familiar with this company, but their popularity shouldn’t entirely be attributed to their aggressive marketing (or their blimp). Rather, this company is perhaps one of the most well-versed tire makers in the industry, and their exceptional products are a big reason why they’re so well known.

While Goodyear produces a variety of different tires, their all-season offerings certainly lead the way. The company is also an excellent choice for those seeking all-terrain options, as this will allow your SUV or pickup to travel on different surfaces.

Of course, the tires have reliable traction, and their tread life is considered to be more than sufficient. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to go out shopping for replacement tires every couple of years.


This company may not have the best reputation following some issues in the past. However, the brand has clearly moved on, and their products are still considered some of the best.

The brand is especially known for the quality of their tires. The rubber is generally more durable and tough than its competitors, and this can cut down on any holes or blemishes. The tread is also considered long-lasting, which will improve the amount of time it will take until you need replacements.

Bridgestone is also one of the most popular tire companies in the world, and you’d be hard pressed to find a dealership or mechanic that doesn’t have these tires already stocked. Their availability is another reason why this brand should be considered when you’re searching for replacements.

There are still plenty of subcategories that extend beyond a simple brand. Therefore, it’s important to target a specific tire by a specific brand before you head into a dealership or a mechanic.

Of course, if you still have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. The technicians at DePaula Chevy are more than willing to help you determine which specific brand and tire is best for you and your vehicle.