Used Trucks: Discover How the Major Brands Measure Up

The pickup truck segment may be a relatively small one, especially when compared to compact cars and crossover SUVs. Despite this fact, there is no other vehicle category that is more competitive than the pickup. Not every major automotive brand has one in their lineup, but the ones who do are intensely competitive, with pickup trucks offering more than they ever have in the past. Thanks to record numbers for new truck sales back in 2015, more and more like-new dependable pickups are hitting dealer showrooms in 2017 and beyond. If you are in the market for used trucks, be sure to take a look at how the major automakers stack up against one another, so that you can find the perfect new-to-you pickup quickly and easily.

The Top Selling Trucks in 2015

It should come as no surprise that two of the most celebrated pickup truck competitors battled it out for first and second place on this list, but some of the other makes and models may be less familiar to you. Before we discover what each of these top selling pickups has to offer, let’s take a closer look at the top selling pickups from 2015, and have a better idea of which ones we will most likely find in like-new condition on used car lots throughout the country.

The following reflects yearly U.S. sales data for new pickup trucks sold as of June 2015:

  1. Ford F-Series: As of June 2015, the number of new F-Series trucks sold in the United States reached over 350,000. This number easily places Ford in the top slot for pickup truck sales in 2015, which means that you are more likely to find this make and model on used car lots in the future.
  2. Chevrolet Silverado: Ford and Chevy have always battled it out for the top two spots on this list, but the Silverado came in a distant second to the F-Series in 2015, selling just shy of 276,000 units by the end of June. Nearly 100,000 trucks less than the F-Series managed to sell, the Silverado still managed to snag that coveted second spot as the best-selling pickup for 2015.
  3. RAM Truck: In 2010, the Ram Truck Division of the Ram brand, officially became a separate Fiat-Chrysler entity known as Ram Trucks. The shift to a more focused lineup of light and heavy-duty pickups was a smart move, as the brand held the third position as best-selling truck in America by June of 2015. Selling just under 213,000 units, the Ram Truck name was gaining traction and popularity. Currently, there is an abundance of these capable pickups at used car dealerships, and they are still wildly popular among segment shoppers.
  4. GMC Sierra: The GMC Sierra is essentially the twin brother of the Chevy Silverado, so it isn’t surprising that this pickup took the number four spot on the list of best-selling trucks in 2015. The exact sales numbers, however, may be quite surprising. Selling just shy of 101,000 units by June of 2015, it seems that this is the point in the truck sales list that begins to noticeably lag behind. Despite this fact, the GMC Sierra is a very capable and dependable option from the General Motors name.
  5. Toyota Tacoma: The Japanese automaker has been manufacturing its most popular selling pickup truck here in the United States since 1995. The compact truck earned the title of Truck of the Year by Motor Trend magazine back in 2005, and the 2015 model year kicked off the trucks third generation of sales. This new redesign gave the 2015 Tacoma a boost in sales that year, earning the number five spot for best-selling truck in 2015. The Tacoma sold 88,801 trucks by June of that same year.
  6. Toyota Tundra: Not only did Toyota take the number five spot for best-selling pickup truck in 2015, it also earned itself the sixth spot on this list as well. The Tundra was the first ever full-size pickup truck offered by the Japanese automaker and was also manufactured here in the United States. The 2015 Tundra sold just over 61,000 models by June of that same year, enough to place in the top six best-selling pickups.
  7. Chevrolet Colorado: Another fan favorite is the Chevy Colorado midsize pickup truck. When the newly redesigned Colorado made its debut for the 2015 model year, it immediately caught the attention of industry experts from around the world. Winning Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year in 2015, this version of the Colorado is easily the best ever made. Falling comfortably into the seventh spot for sales numbers as of June 2015, the Colorado sold 41,575 units. The numbers may not seem impressive to the discerning eye, but the Colorado has managed to remain one of the top-selling midsize pickups on the market.
  8. Nissan Frontier: This midsize pickup truck option from Nissan has been available on the market since 1997. The exterior appearance of the Frontier is sportier in spirit than some of the other, more aggressive trucks, but is still a relatively popular choice among buyers. By the end of June 2015, the Frontier sold just under 35,000 units. While it may not be as easy to find a used 2015 Frontier today, that doesn’t mean it won’t be possible. With a bit of digging and research, you should have no problem getting your hands on the wheel of this fun and sporty pickup.

What Next?

Now that you have an idea of which trucks will most likely be for sale at used car dealerships in the future, the question becomes: which one is right for you?  While this question may not be an easy one to answer, it is certainly worth a closer look. Pickup trucks are meant to work hard, play hard, and deliver unparalleled performance over every other automotive segment. It is crucial to pick a truck that is right for you on every one of those levels. On our next blog, which further details each of these capable, best-selling pickups, we will get into the nitty gritty details of these top eightbest-sellingg trucks in America. Learn about what each 2015 model had to offer new, and discover why it makes the perfect used pickup truck for shoppers today. Stay tuned, and don’t miss out on the next exciting installment.