The Top Used Cars For Sale in Albany, NY

Any used car dealership will tell you that the inventory is one of the most important things to have. After all without high-quality new and used vehicles to choose from, why would you shop with us?

Sure, cars for sale in Albany, NY are plentiful, but that doesn’t mean the quality of those cars is top-notch.

The entire staff at DePaula Chevrolet know this and take it to heart. That is why you will find only the best quality used cars for sale at our dealership serving Albany, NY and surrounding areas.

So, what makes a great used car?

Well, in a lot of ways that depends on what you are looking for in a car. Many factors like age, style and price need to be factored into the decision, but ultimately that decision is based on you. You may need to have a bigger safer vehicle for your growing family or perhaps you are at the other end of the spectrum and the kids have grown and it’s time to downgrade. Whatever your needs DePaula Chevrolet has the vehicles for you.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of some of the best-used vehicles you can find on our lot. This particular list will focus on vehicles that are on or below $15,000.

Many vehicles under $15,000 have plenty of lives left in them. Not too mention they are much easier to finance and most likely will be cheaper in insurance, register, and inspect.

1) Buick LaCrosse between 2011 and 2013

2011 Buick LaCrosse

This isn’t your grandad’s Buick. In 2011, Buick redesigned most of their models realizing that they had to do a little “reimaging” of their brand. Models after 2011 are much more stylish and modern. There are plenty of them on the road as they have been mostly trouble free. In the $15,000 price range, you should easily be able to find a few with low miles and incredible reliability.

2) Chevrolet Cruz between 2011 and 2015

2012 Chevy Cruze

One of our favorite models the Chevy Cruz continues to be a class leader even when you are talking about the used vehicle market. It’s a great sedan that is incredibly safe for the whole family. The Cruz continues to dominate the government’s frontal and side crash tests year after year. A great first car or a vehicle for cruising safely around campus. Easily affordable for under $15,000.

3) Ford Taurus between 2013 and 2014

2013 Ford Taurus

If you are looking for a no-frills affordable sedan then a gently used Ford Taurus might be the right choice for you. While, typically not as reliable as a Chevrolet you can still find a used Taurus under the $15,000 price tag. It is a larger sedan exudes and because of that larger size you tend to feel a little more of safe and solid. Be careful, as Ford Taurus for the $15,000 price does tend to be a little higher in miles.

4) 2012 Honda CR-V

2012 Honda CRV

The model year 2012 was the first time we got a glimpse at the CR-V from Honda. A decent crossover that is still in demand today. The 2012 model is reliable and you should be able to find one affordably. The later models are still a little pricey and over the $15,000 price mark that we are trying to stay on.

5) Honda Odyssey between 2006 and 2010

2008 Honda Odyssey

The first mini-van to make our list is the Honda Odyssey. A reliable family cruising vehicle that passed the older safety standards. It may not pass some of today’s more stringent standards but still is a very safe and reliable vehicle for the family. Many are still on the road but as the kids get older and are drivers themselves the need for the Odyssey goes away. That’s good news if you are in the market for used cars in Albany, NY or anywhere. You should be able to find plenty of Honda Odyssey’s for under $15,000.

6) Honda Pilot between 2006 and 2008

2009 Honda Pilot

The crossover market exploded 10 years ago and now the market is flooded with high quality used SUV’s like the Honda Pilot. Automakers have definitely spent a lot of focus on the safety of the vehicles they produce and the Honda Pilot does not disappoint. This model year for the Pilot was named a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS.

7) Kia Optima between 2011 and 2014

2012 Kia Optima

For those of us who can remember when the Kia was first introduced….let’s say, there was a lot of disappointment. It took Kia a few years to work out some of the kinks. With that said a used Optima between 2011 and 2014 could be an ideal used vehicle under $15,000. After the big redesign effort in 2014 Kia Optima achieved five stars in frontal and side crash tests. Kia also loaded all trim levels with tons of amenities. The Kia Optima is now a lot of bang for the buck.

8) Kia Sportage between 2011 and 2014

2013 Kia Sportage

Notice a pattern here for Kia? Most of the Kia models went through a major overhaul. The changes created a new and improved Sportage. It suddenly became much more noticeable. Stylish, fun to drive and like the Optima it was filled with a ton of amenities

9) Nissan Altima between 2013 and 2015

2014 Nissan Altima

A family sedan that can be proud of the many awards that is has achieved without a lot of effort. Edmunds has rated this as an “A” for the family. That makes it one of the easiest vehicles to love around the $15,000 mark.

10) Volkswagen Passat between 2012 and 2014

2013 Volkswagen Passat

This model of the Passat gives new meaning to the phrase “a lot of junk in the trunk”. Sure, we are being playful with words but the fact is the backseat and trunk space found in the Volkswagon Passat makes it the largest store space on our list – hands down.

11) Volvo S60 between 2012 and 2013

2012 Volvo S60

Volvo is a luxury brand. That does without saying, however, they are also known as one of the safest makers on the road today. What’s more, the typical Volvo owner is very particular about the care of their vehicle. This usually means that when looking for used cars in Albany, NY and you want to stay with luxury and safety…go with the Volvo S60

12) Volvo XC90 between 2007 and 2010


Luxury and safety….we covered that about Volvo above. But, top scores particularly go to the Volvo XC90. In addition to nailing, all of the government required safety tests it nailed the IIHS Top Safety Pick. If you are looking for the safest luxury vehicle for $15,000, this is it.

That’s a quick look at some of the safest used cars for sale in Albany, NY and DePaula Chevrolet has many of these makes and models on our lot today. If you don’t happen to find exactly what you are looking for, we have an extensive group of friends that we work with and can easily find you the perfect used vehicle to fit your needs.

Also, if you need financing our finance department has relationships with many lending institutions and can get you into the right loan for you. Even if you have a few blemishes on your credit we can get you financed.

From the minute, you step on the lot at DePaula Chevrolet we hope you experience a level of customer service and satisfaction you might not have experienced at other dealerships.

We are easy to find at 785 Central Ave • Albany, NY 12206. Stop in today.