Tailgate in Style with the 2017 Chevy Tahoe

2017 chevy tahoe tailgating

Football season is in its full glorious swing, and fans from the east coast to the west are celebrating that fact the only way they know how – with a ton of food, parties, and, of course, tailgating. Just as time honored as the game itself is the tradition of grilling, drinking, and eating from the back end of your trusted car, truck, or SUV. But before we pile into our cars and grill a gourmet meal on our coal-powered Weber, let’s take a moment to speak an obvious truth: When it comes to tailgating, not all vehicles are created equal. Don’t believe us? Just take a moment to imagine feeding a crowd of your closest inebriated friends from the hatchback of your…smart car. The almost laughable vision doesn’t exactly fill you with inspiration, does it? Rather than get laughed out of the parking lot in your clown car, consider the endless tailgating possibilities that exist with an all-American SUV. Yes, you might have to take a trip to one of the many car dealerships Albany, NY has to offer, but the effort will be well worth the reward when you pull up to your next tailgate in a fully-loaded 2017 Chevy Tahoe.

The King of Tailgating is the 2017 Chevy Tahoe

When Chevrolet created the 2017 Tahoe, the designers may not have had tailgating directly in mind, but it certainly doesn’t seem that way. The full-size SUV from the bowtie brand has been around for quite some time, and just so happens to be the best-selling SUV in America. With outstanding safety awards and features, and plenty of power and performance under the hood, the 2017 Tahoe is just as capable as it is popular. All that talk about performance and safety is well and good, but we aren’t here to talk about what the Tahoe can do on the road, but instead what it has to offer in the parking lot. Not many automotive publications are dedicated to parked cars, but we aren’t like the rest. We know what kind of information American football fans want out of their dependable Chevrolets, and it isn’t horsepower stats or descriptions of advanced safety technology. Everyone knows that the 2017 Tahoe offers plenty in both of those important categories, but what does it bring to the table when it comes to game day?

More Tailgate-Worthy Than Any Other SUV in America

When we say that the 2017 Tahoe is the King of Tailgating, we mean it. We aren’t in the business of crowning nameplates with make believe titles, but the 2017 Tahoe is just too good at tailgating for us to resist. Because of this undeniable fact, we are throwing a coronation for the King of Tailgating, and you are all invited to witness this historic event. Before I don my archbishop hat, let’s talk about why the 2017 Tahoe is so deserving of this fabricated moniker.

Rather than list features and specs without any meaning, discover why the 2017 Tahoe is worthy of the crown as the King of Tailgating, by exploring different attributes NFL tailgaters hold most dear when it comes time to pop open the hatch, and fire up the grill.

  • Space: Before we get into the obvious role that in-vehicle connectivity and technology play in modern day tailgating, let’s talk about space. Whether you are transporting your own teammates to the game, or need extra space for all of your tailgating essentials, vehicle space plays an integral role in proper tailgating. The 2017 Tahoe offers no shortage of such space, and can load up to 94.7 cubic feet of your cargo with ease. The available power-release fold flat seats in the second and third rows make this task even easier. But if you are more concerned about packing your Tahoe with friends than cargo, the best selling SUV in America has you covered with seating for up to nine passengers. Simply put, the 2017 Tahoe can haul whatever you need to your next tailgate, without question.
  • Technology: Long gone are the days of hauling a bulky generator to tailgate parties in order to watch other football games across the nation. The 2017 Chevy Tahoe features as many as thirteen charging stations throughout the interior cabin, including a 110-volt outlet in the back center console. If you are a truly devoted tailgater, then you have already envisioned your flat screen TV sitting center stage in the rear of your SUV. While the television transports you and your tailgating comrades to various games across the country, you will all have the convenience of staying connected to the internet thanks to the Tahoe’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. Up to seven devices can hook up to one equipped 2017 Chevy Tahoe, and the connection can reach up to fifty feet away from the SUV.
  • Comfort for All: As Mother Nature begins to show the more frigid side of her personality, you and your guests will be able to stay warm and comfortable no matter what she has in store. With heated seats throughout the cabin, you and your closest tailgating buddies can take turns warming up inside, without having to miss the action outside. If your kids are along for the day, the available Blu-Ray DVD entertainment system will keep them more than occupied when their restless minds need a distraction.

Turn Heads at Your Next Tailgate with the 2017 Tahoe

As you pull up to your next NFL tailgate in the new 2017 Tahoe, you can bet that heads will turn, and quiet whispers will resound. While the same would probably be true if you were to arrive in a subcompact smart car, we can almost guarantee that those head-turns and whispers would be filled with pity, and not awe.

The 2017 Chevy Tahoe is your best bet for a successful 2016-2017 tailgating season. To secure your own King of Tailgating before the NFL season is over, stop by DePaula Chevrolet in Albany, NY. With plenty of new 2017 Tahoe models waiting for you to buy, your perfect tailgate companion is just a couple of miles down the road. Stop by today, and see what the 2017 Tahoe has to offer NFL tailgate fans like yourself. Don’t just read about it, go out and discover the endless tailgating possibilities of the 2017 Tahoe in person.