Skip the Chop Shop for Certified Collision Repair at DePaula

certified collision repair

Getting into a bad accident can feel like a nightmare that has come to life. Whether or not you or your passengers sustained any injuries, it is still one of the worst experiences a driver can go through. Not only are you left picking up the emotional pieces after a wreck, but you are responsible for getting your car back into proper working order. Finding an auto body repairshop that you can trust can mean the difference between further disaster, and total peace of mind.

Opt for a Certified Collision Center

When it comes time to have your vehicle restored to the healthy state it was in prior to the accident, it is important to find a reliable auto body shop that you can trust. There are plenty of drivers with terrible stories, which paint a bleak picture of what can happen when you choose a random shop for your auto body repair needs. While these tales might not be incredibly common occurrences, they definitely do happen, and it is important that you protect yourself, and your vehicle. While roadside auto shops may offer better prices, along with their overly inflated promises, their service is simply not going to be as thorough as the one you would receive at a certified collision center. Your vehicle is likely one of the most important items in your possession, and something that you rely heavily on for success in your daily life. Rather than trust any old chop shop with such important repairs, discover why a certified collision center is your best option when the unthinkable happens.

  • Genuine Parts: When you bring your vehicle to a certified collision center, such as the one at DePaula Chevrolet, you will have total confidence knowing that your car will only be outfitted with genuine General Motors parts. While other mechanics spend their time at the local junkyard collecting salvageable parts to use on your vehicle, DePaula Chevrolet only installs brand new parts, straight from General Motors. When that roadside mechanic gives you an unbelievable quote on collision repair for your car, think twice before taking him up on his offer. While DePaula Chevrolet may cost you a bit more, your vehicle won’t be put back together with used parts that may or may not last. Save the headache, and the inevitable frustration, by opting for a collision repair center that only uses certified, brand-new parts.
  • Certified Technicians: Just as you would expect your physician to have his MD, so should you expect your mechanic to be certified to work on cars. Even the most well-meaning, self-taught “expert,” can get things wrong every now and again, and when that happens, your hard earned money and your vehicle won’t be protected. When you choose to bring your vehicle to a certified collision repair center like the one at DePaula Chevrolet, your car will only be worked on by certified professionals. The technicians at DePaula regularly attend ongoing educational classes, so that they are better prepared to restore your car back to where it should be.
  • Warranty: The rock bottom prices that are displayed on the signs of roadside garages, will not only match the quality of parts and service, but also the long-term protection, or lack thereof. When you bring your vehicle to a GM certified service center, your repair will come with a Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty straight from General Motors. Choosing to bring your car into DePaula Chevrolet for certified collision repair will guarantee that the parts used are not only new, but that they will last for as long as they should. That is the peace of mind you simply can’t find anywhere else. Guaranteed.
  • Exceptional Service: General Motors Certified Service shops are not only staffed by professionally skilled technicians who use brand new certified GM parts, but also by a caring team of individuals who help make the process easier. At DePaula Chevrolet, you will work alongside service specialists who can answer your questions, address your concerns, and be there when you need support. Other service centers are so focused on the service side of the equation, they forget about the customer altogether. At DePaula Chevrolet you will get the best of both of these areas, so when you drive home in your fully restored vehicle, you will have peace of mind knowing that you chose the best collision repair center possible.

Don’t Put Off Auto Body Repair Another Minute

If you were not involved in a major collision, but rather a minor fender bender, it is just as important to bring your car to a certified repair center like the one at DePaula Chevrolet. Even the smallest blemish can turn into a terrible calamity – so avoid future headaches by taking care of your vehicle’s minor issues as soon as you can. A small chip out of your paint job can quickly turn into a decaying area of rust, and will lead to major structural issues if it is not addressed promptly and thoroughly. Leaving the small, seemingly insignificant problems up to chance is just one of the many ways drivers are inadvertently sending their cars to an early grave. Save money, protect your vehicle, and position yourself for countless years of driving the car you love, without needing to replace it before you should have to.

Take the Proper Steps With DePaula Chevrolet

Anytime you are involved in an accident it is important to collect the other driver’s information, and call your insurance company regarding the next steps that you should take. Most collision repair will be covered under your auto insurance plan, and DePaula Chevrolet can help you navigate through this difficult process more easily. The experts at DePaula Chevrolet understand just how stressful getting into an accident can be, and genuinely want to help make the best out of a bad situation. With that kind of service and dedication to the satisfaction of their customers, why would you want to take your vehicle anywhere else?

DePaula Chevrolet is the number one choice for drivers needing repair services or other regular maintenance completed, here in Albany, New York. Stop by and discover why so many local residents continue to put their trust in the DePaula name, and in the DePaula certified auto body repair center.