Our Five Favorite Chevy Truck Modifications




So you’ve just purchased a new Chevy truck. Now what? You’ve obviously got to give your ride a quick drive around the block, but do you still feel like you could do more?

Besides enjoying your pickup’s many capabilities, you can also look to modify your new purchase. Now, the mods we’re going to suggest won’t transform the entire look of your truck. Instead, we’re only suggesting you add some parts that will help improve the overall driving experience. Whether it be a Tonneau Cover to protect the cargo in your truck bed or a running board to help your shorter occupants get in the truck, there are a variety of ways you can revamp your pickup to your liking.

This sentiment was echoed by Roger McCormack, Chevy’s director of Accessories and Performance Parts Marketing. While you might not expect an automotive brand to endorse these types of aftermarket parts, Chevy actually embraces the various modifications and additions.

“There’s almost no limit to how owners can personalize their Chevy truck, with accessories and performance parts to suit every taste and activity,” McCormack said (via a GM press release).

As you figure out the best way to utilize your new Chevy trucks, see the six best modification options for your pickup…


Tonneau Cover




You’re probably going to use your truck bed to occasionally store some expensive cargo, and it would be an absolute bummer if your goods were ruined because of weather or the elements. That’s when the tonneau cover comes into play, as the protective wrapping will assure that nothing is getting into your pickup’s bed.

There are a variety of different tonneau covers to choose from, satisfying any pickup owner’s desires. There are soft roll up covers, a hard tonneau cover, a tool box cover, a retractable cover, and even a folding tonneau cover. The options are (practically) endless, and you’ll truly be able to pick out the ideal protection for your truck bed. While a quick internet search would pull up tonneau covers for the Silverado, there are actually products that correspond with any kind of model.

Furthermore, if you want to prevent your stored cargo from tearing up your truck bed, you could opt to install a liner. This padding will perfectly rest on your bed’s floor, which won’t only prevent the finish from getting scratched, but it was also keep your cargo secured.


Nerf Bars/Running Boards




It might not be much of a problem for you, but some of your passengers may have issues getting into your new pickup. You can easily solve this conundrum by installing nerf bars and running boards along the outside of your truck.

Made of “hardcore” steel, this small step will give any short occupant a boost into the vehicle. The bar runs the length of your truck’s doors, meaning occupants can use the feature regardless of what row they’re sitting in. Furthermore, the slip-free pad will ensure that you or your passengers will never lose balance. While the black bars complement any truck color, customers can also opt for a polished finish, assuring your add-on will match your pickup.


Air Intake System




Chevy engines are already commended for their strength and dependability, but you can truly accentuate those attributes by adding an air intake system to your pickup. The technology essentially grabs cold air and moves it to the engine for combustion. Cold air means more oxygen, and the dense air in the combustion chamber will vicariously improve many of the engine’s specs.

Users often see an increase in their engine’s horsepower, torque, and even fuel economy when they install an air intake system. Furthermore, you can expect your vehicle’s mechanics to last longer. While standard engine’s typically heat up (resulting in decreased production and a reduced life expectancy), the inclusion of cold air will truly help the system. It’s curious that these parts aren’t added from the get go, but either way, it’s in your best interest to secure one.


Performance Chip




A vehicle will ordinarily be set up with the factory settings, attributes that are pretty set in stone. However, these delivered specs don’t truly highlight your truck’s full abilities, as your vehicle is capable of so much more. Believe it or not, you can actually manipulate your pickup truck’s internal computer to improve these specs and capabilities.

By installing these performance chips (also known as superchips), your truck’s computer settings will be optimized. In turn, your pickup’s engine will be able to deliver the best possible specs and capabilities, and you’ll also be able to unlock some previously inaccessible features.


Seat Covers




You’ve just purchased a new Chevy truck and… oops. You spilled your soda all over the upholstery. So much for a “new” truck.

With waterproof and stain-resistant seat covers, you’d never run into these issues. The factory interior will stay completely preserved as the covers will prevent dirt, grease, drinks… anything! This is of particular importance if you intend on reselling your pickup in a couple of years.

If you’re worried about compromising the comfort or luxury of your interior, there’s no need to worry. The seat covers still include soft-touch materials, and you can even opt for leatherette covers. You’ll be able to retain all of your interior’s best qualities without the risk of ruining any of the materials.

The same logic applies to floor mats and liners, which will prevent dirt and grime from getting into your truck’s carpet. Many of these accessories are stylish and match the overall feel of the pickup, meaning you won’t be compromising anything aesthetically.


The options obviously don’t end there. Chevy truck owners can opt for a number of different additions to modify their ride. You can add unique exterior lights, you can add racing stickers, you can replace the radio… you can practically do whatever you want! Just make sure that the manufacturer can be trusted (and assure that the installed parts are road-legal), and you’ll have no issues purchasing and installing some of these aftermarket parts.