Need a Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift? Consider a Used Car from DePaula

The key of a present car

You made your list months ago. You checked it twice – at least. Yet here you sit, days before the arrival of Christmas, without a gift for that special person in your life. You have scanned Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter for ideas, but every idea that you came across just didn’t seem like enough. For that person in your life who means everything to you, how can you possibly find a single gift to convey their undeniable importance? A piece of jewelry would be nice, but still doesn’t seem like enough. When everything else seems insufficient, why not check out used cars for sale? Is buying a person a car for Christmas over the top? Maybe, but we doubt that the recipient of your thoughtful and generous gift would ever complain. In fact, it just may be the highlight of his or her life.

Giving the Gift of a Used Car

Giving someone you love a car for Christmas is just about the most generous thing you can do. Whether you spend $2,000 on a used car, or $30,000 on a brand new one, the thought behind it remains the same. All of us struggle at one point in our lives or another, and having someone who is willing to help us out of those hard times can be an incredible thing. If you have a person on your list who is impossible to buy for, and who deserves much more than a box of chocolates and a board game, then consider gifting them with a car this Christmas.

In most other cases, buying someone a used present is fairly high on the tackiness scale. Purchasing a quality used car for a Christmas gift, however, does not fall into the same category. The truth of the matter is, now is a great time to buy a pre-owned vehicle. With a flood of end-of-term leases being returned to dealerships around the country, used car prices are at an all-time low. Dealerships have so many used cars, trucks, and SUVs on hand, that they are willing to make incredible deals to help keep inventory down, and save money. While you are more than welcome to head to a dealership and pay full price for a brand new car, you can get a lot more gift for your money by taking full advantage of the “used car pileup” that is happening around the nation.

Tips for Gifting a Car this Christmas

Before you find a high quality used car for your sweetheart this Christmas, check out some tips of how to go about pulling off this monumental gift-giving stunt. With a little bit of research and finesse, you can easily be the Christmas hero this holiday season.

  • Know the Person You are Buying For: I don’t just mean actually know them, but know the type of person they are, and the car they need. If you are considering buying someone a car for Christmas, you obviously know them to a certain extent – but make sure you really know what they want. Buying a car as a gift doesn’t exactly come with a gift receipt, so make sure you know what your gift recipient needs, before signing any official paperwork. Buying a minivan for a single commuter doesn’t exactly scream thoughtfulness, so at the very least, be aware of their lifestyle.
  • Be Aware of Their Financial Situation: We aren’t telling you to sneak a peek at their paycheck, or try and snoop into their bank account – but the type of vehicle you end up giving to your loved one will end up costing the recipient some of their hard-earned money. Research the insurance rates for the vehicle you are considering, and have in mind whether or not you think the person will be able to afford it. Gifting a used car is a great way to help avoid high insurance costs, and ensure that the person who receives it, will be able to keep it.
  • Stick to Your Budget: As tempting as it will be to purchase the fully-loaded, performance-enhanced sportscar, it is important that you set a budget, and stick to it. A quick way to resent someone you love, is gift him or her a car neither of you can actually afford. Finding a used vehicle can be a great way to buy the car in cash, so figure out if you are able to pull that off before you head down to a dealership. Don’t put yourself in financial straits to help out someone you love, but rather stay within your means so that you can enjoy giving the gift, as much as they will enjoy receiving it.
  • Go Alone: Believe it or not, plenty of people buy cars as Christmas presents, and everyone goes about it a different way. While some bring their loved one to the dealership to buy the car and ensure complete gift-giving satisfaction, we highly discourage going this route. Not only will your recipient see how much you are spending on their lavish gift, they will also be subjected to spending a day at a dealership. Unless you happen to buy your car from a reputable and customer-focused location, such as Used Cars at DePaula Chevrolet, then we suggest keeping up with the element of surprise on Christmas morning.
  • Plan the Big Reveal: If you end up buying the car before December 25, be sure you have somewhere to keep it until the big reveal on Christmas morning. If you don’t have somewhere to keep it ahead of time, ask your dealership if they can possibly hold onto it for you until Christmas Eve. If you are aiming to be as gloriously cheesy as the Christmas car commercials are every year, then head online to buy a gigantic red bow with plenty of time to spare. Believe it or not, these are a hot commodity around the holidays. Your car recipient may not care whether a big red bow sits on top of this shiny new gift, but no one can deny the pleasure that such a well-executed reveal can deliver.

Buying a car as a gift for someone this Christmas may be the perfect way to wrap up your gift buying list this holiday season. Be sure to follow the tips we outlined above, and enjoy the incredible feeling that will consume you as your loved one realizes what you bought this Christmas…