How to Find the Best Used Pick-Up Truck

If you’re like me and you’ve recently been embracing the memories of your father’s old Chevy pickup truck. You long for that feeling of pure power that only comes from sitting high up in a beast of truck that has the world turning around to see who’s coming down the street, then maybe it’s time you start your search for used Chevy trucks.

Maybe you’re tired of sitting low to the ground in your tiny two door rollerskate of a coupe.   Maybe you’re trying your creative hand in making furniture and will be lugging around long measures of wood and heavy machinery.

Maybe after all those years of saving you’re finally able to afford the full size pickup you’ve always dreamed of but you still have some questions that need to be answered.  Here is a quick list of somethings to look out for when purchasing your used Chevy pick-up.

2014 blue silverado

First Things First.

Chevy pickup trucks are the realest.  You’ve decided to buy a pickup truck and starting with American made Chevy is a good place as any to start.   Used Chevy trucks come in an array of sizes meant to assist and fit all kinds of functions.  Identifying the function you most want your pickup to provide you with will help us get started.

What Is It’s Purpose?

What is your intention for getting a pickup?  Are you going to be hauling cargo from jobsite to jobsite?  Are you looking for a weekend warrior to bring you to the dump and help the occasional friend move (though let’s face it, once people find out you have a pickup truck, your popularity goes through the roof and suddenly everyone’s moving and needs help)?

Will it be towing and or getting into muddy situations?  Are you looking to purchase a vintage Chevy to fix up and bring back to life?  Whatever your cause may be; identify it.  From there we can start scaling down to pinpoint which pickup fits you best.

Size Matters

Full or Midsize?

Now that you know what you’ll be using your pickup for, you now need to figure out what size will be most appropriate for performing.  If this is going to be your work truck where you are hauling around heavy cargo, a full size pickup with a large bed will be appropriate for you.

Some things to consider in this category is that a midsize truck, which is smaller than a full size, will be more easily maneuverable and have better fuel economy.  However, if you are going to be doing some major hauling or towing, a full size will be able to provide you with the power you’ll need.

Larger motors, tougher brakes and a more solid frame generally come with a full size pickup.

chevy hauling

Regular or Extended Cabin?

This is a question really that depends its use.  If your pickup is also a family car and will be hauling not just cargo around, but children as well, an extended cab will obviously be your choice.  Make sure you really know the answer to this question as there will be quite a bit of difference in price between the two.

Two or Four Wheel Drive?

This question may already be answered for you if you know what size you’re getting.  Most full size pickups don’t come available in less than four wheel drive.

If you know you’ll be driving in construction sites,  a snowy climate or just taking it off roading then maybe a four wheel drive is better for you.  However, if you know you’ll be keeping it on road in an urban or even neighborhood type driving, take good advice and don’t be sold on anything more than you need.

Gas or Diesel?

The choice to go diesel is a pretty specific one.  Will you be actively towing and will weight of your cargo play a definitive role in the use of your pickup?  Before this year, diesel engines belonged only to full size and heavy duty trucks, but this year Chevy released the 2015 Colorado; a mid size pickup with a diesel engine.

Obviously, this will still be a new vehicle but after this year will be able to purchase used.  On average, diesel trucks have better milage, so the Colorado is setting a new standard for mid size diesel pick ups.

Searching Online or at the Dealership

Pickup trucks retain the highest value of any car, truck or SUV.  That means that dealerships are always in possession of the largest amount of used pickup trucks and will be your best resource for choosing your truck.

Because of this, there is always so much specific information available.  Make sure that by the time you get to the dealership, you have a list of questions to ask the dealer not only about that specific make, model and year, but about that specific pickup.

Who owned it before you and how did they take care of it?  Finding out about it’s past is the best way to help secure its’ future with you.  

Online reviews are a smart way to start researching.  For instance, the 2007 Chevy Silverado is one of the most sought after pickup trucks because of its ability to retain value up to 200,000 miles.  

2011 green chevy

The Truth Is Out There

A private seller, who may have a better price than the dealership, may not be able to give you as many details as you need or they may choose not to give you all the pertinent information, but make sure you get it.

Always run  car history report.  It is your obligation to get the information.   

If it’s from the North, how does it handle in the winter?  Is there any damage on the undercarriage from snow or salt?  How are the tires?  If it’s from the South, ask if it’s seen any flood damage.

Make sure you check not only under the hood, but under the truck as well.  You will be able to see if there’s any rust or damage done.

The dealer or private seller should never shy away from providing you with as much information as they can.  If they do then you know something is wrong and I would steer you away from that particular dealership or seller.

The information you want is available to you.  Buying a used pickup just means you may have to do a bit extra leg work.  In the end it will alway be worth it.

Knowledge is power and it comes as extra insurance that you’re investing in a sound quality truck which offers peace of mind.