Four Advantages You’re Missing by Opting for Online Used Car Buying

You’re probably familiar with the positive attributes of online used car buying. For those who consider the car-buying process to be a hassle, online shopping eliminates any of the headaches that accompany the traditional ordeal. Furthermore, shopping for a used car on the internet provides unmatched convenience, as potential buyers don’t even have to leave their couches to search for options or even finalize a deal.

However, that’s about the extent of the advantages that accompany shopping for a used car online. Rather, by opting for this route, you’ll be missing out on a variety of car-buying advantages that accompany traditional car shopping. The inability to give a used car a test drive or a personal inspection is an obvious disadvantage, and the ability to utilize the expert knowledge of a salesman is something you can’t get online.

If you live in the Albany, New York area, you’ve probably been questioning which of your options is better: CarMax vs DePaula Chevrolet. As you’re about to find out, the various advantages that are only present in traditional car shopping drastically outweigh the minor advantages that accompany online car shopping…


Inability to Test Drive Your Potential Used Car Purchase

This is one of the essential parts of the car-buying process, but shockingly, many buyers tend to overlook it. A test drive provides a number of advantages to the driver and is critical if you want to minimize the risk of buying a used car.

For starters, a test drive allows prospective customers to identify any issues with the vehicle. A simple look at a used car won’t indicate any problems, but a quick lap or two around the block will unveil any worrisome signals from the engine, brakes, or any other part of the ride. If drivers notice an odd sound or feeling as they’re traveling in their potential purchase, it could be cause for concern.

Speaking of the feeling of the car, a test drive will also allow potential buyers to figure out whether the vehicle is the proper fit for them. For example, they may find that their head is too close to the ceiling, or maybe they found that there isn’t enough leg room. There are a number of varied attributes that are important to each specific driver, and you won’t get the chance to see if your targeted used car fits your needs without a test drive.

By purchasing a car online, you won’t have the opportunity to determine if there are issues with the mechanics. Buyers also won’t have the chance to discover whether that particular vehicle is the proper choice. There’s just too much risk accompanied with this route, and this has revealed itself to be a major detriment of purchasing a used car online.


Inability to Give a Self-Inspection

A lot of prospective buyers like to send a potential used car to a trusted mechanic before they make a purchase. This way, they can uncover any hidden problems.

However, this isn’t always necessary, as a customer can typically inspect the used car adequately on his or her own. There are several things that a buyer would want to look for before they commit to a purchase. For instance, inconsistent upholstery could be a sign of interior damage, and any apparent renovations in the trunk could indicate previous water damage (which would have surely impacted all of the used car’s mechanics). Even something as small as a lingering smoke smell could be enough to turn away a potential buyer.

If you decide to purchase a used car online, you won’t have the opportunity to identify any of these negative realities. There’s a chance that the seller will be transparent about any of the car’s inadequacies. However, there’s a better chance that they’re doing everything they can to hide these problems and off load the vehicle.

Lack of One-on-One Service

Sometimes, customers require the one-on-one expertise that they can’t possibly access via the internet. Sure, a number of articles could clue you in to a specific vehicle’s features or attributes. However, interacting with an actual salesperson will provide you with immediate answers or insights to any of your questions. The employees of a physical dealership can also provide clarity on any of the financial nuances.

It’s particularly difficult to get all of these factors via the internet, and it could take hours of research to compile all of the necessary information. It’s likely that the car-selling website doesn’t offer an extensive list of attributes when advertising their used vehicles, and they may even intentionally leave out some important information that could devalue their products.


Limited Selection Online

The online market for used cars continues to grow rapidly. However, it still hasn’t caught up to the inventory of a traditional dealership. You won’t find the same number of options online as you would at a standard car seller.

By shopping around at different businesses, potential buyers have a better chance of coming across their targeted used car. Dealerships offer a vast array of different models and make, so you won’t be limited to one particular inventory. Also, by seeing these vehicles in person, you may be able to make a better judgment on whether it should be pursued.

Shopping online limits a buyer’s options tremendously. If you’re eyeing one particular online seller, there’s a good chance that they have fewer offerings than a physical dealership. Sure, the internet provides the chance to shop around for a used car from sellers from around the country. However, since you’re seeking a used car, you’re presumably looking to stay within a budget. The necessary delivery fees could compromise your entire financial game plan.

The advantages are apparent. By opting to buy a used car online, you’re missing out on a number of benefits that accompany the traditional route. By ignoring these factors, potential buyers are seemingly maximizing the risk that usually accompanies used cars.

Therefore, there’s no denying who the winner is in the competition between CarMax vs. DePaula used cars. There’s just too much risk with online shopping, making the traditional route the proper choice.