Experience the DePaula Chevy Difference

If you’re in the market for a new car, it’s basically considered a universal truth that regardless of how excited you are to start driving that car, the process of actually acquiring your new car can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. On one hand, this makes sense – you’re making a commitment to a vehicle for hopefully at least a few years while simultaneously you’re also entering into a new financial agreement – and we all know that anything having to do spending money can trigger feelings of unease. However, at DePaula Chevy, we believe that the reason so many people become so anxious when it comes time to buy a new vehicle has very little to do with time or money. In fact, we’re confident that if you’re nervous about shopping for your new car, you’re simply just shopping at the wrong dealership. If you’re shopping for a new car, used car or even a lease, don’t spend your time visiting car dealerships in Albany, NY that make you feel uncomfortable or anything less than completely satisfied with your decision to invest in a new ride. Simply head straight to DePaula Chevy and let us show you how we go above and beyond to make our customers feel confident and excited about signing and driving with us.


No Need To Be Pushy

Our sales team knows that when the time is right for you to choose your next car, truck or SUV, you’ll let us know – we don’t need to bully into a vehicle that you may not be ready to commit to by using the aggressive “it’s now or never” sales tactic that so many dealerships seem to utilize. At DePaula Chevy, we’re happy to show you our entire inventory and help you narrow down the very best vehicles for you and your family – and we understand that you will probably need some time to figure out exactly which vehicle makes the most sense to bring home. The DePaula Chevy sales team isn’t pushy because for one – it’s not pleasant to feel forced into making a decision before you’re ready, and two – we simply don’t need to do that to our customers. We trust that between our friendly sales team, experienced financial experts, and top-notch service department, you’ll want to buy or lease your vehicle from us just as soon as you feel ready. The very last thing we want at DePaula Chevy is to have you driving off the lot feeling pressured into agreeing a car that you’re going to regret purchasing years to come.


No Fishy Finances

You might not be surprised to learn that quite often the part of car shopping customers hate the most don’t really even have much to do with the actual cars themselves – for most customers, the worst part of buying or leasing a new vehicle happens when it’s time to figure out how to pay for the vehicle. Many people feel as though the “financial wizards” figuring out their loan terms and agreements may just be pulling the wool over their eyes when it comes to securing favorable financial terms.

At DePaula Chevy, it’s our goal to empower our customers by helping them get a grasp on their finances before they even walk into our dealership. We’ve included a tool right on our website that allows our clients to value their trade-in vehicle so that they know what to expect when they come to use their car as equity. We have also created a payment calculator to help our clients figure out just how much car they can afford – that way there are no unpleasant surprises when they arrive at the DePaula Chevy dealership. It’s important to plan ahead when you’re making a big financial decision and we are more than happy to provide those tools to our valued clients free of charge.

The other part of car shopping that our customers cannot stand is how long it takes them to complete all of the paperwork at other dealerships. We understand how frustrating it can be to have to wait for information to be processed before you can move forward with buying your car, which is why we’ve also made it possible to apply for financing right online and get the process started right from the comfort of your own home. At DePaula Chevy, we want our customers to know how much we value their time, and we do our best to give them the tools that allow them to be efficient when it comes time to shop for their new or used car.

Finally, we know that not everyone has a perfect credit score – in fact, many of us have a less than perfect credit history… some of us even have no credit history! Don’t let your not-so-great (or non-existent) credit history hold you back from driving a safe, reliable vehicle. Stop by or give us a call and let our finance team help you get approved for a loan, no matter what your credit history looks like. If you have questions about financing a vehicle or if you’re unsure if leasing or buying is best for you, please don’t hesitate to give our financial experts a call at (518) 712-7292 – we’re always here to help you.


No Subpar Service

Once you’re the proud owner of the perfect car for you, you’re going to want to to keep that car in prime condition. Unfortunately, so many times we hear from customers who have shopped from other dealerships complaining that they neglect to take their car in for much-needed routine maintenance because the service department is, to put it simply, subpar.

At DePaula Chevy, we strive to make every service visit a pleasure. Not only do we want to ensure that your car is safe and ready to tackle any road condition, we also want you to enjoy the time that you had to take out of your day in order to keep your car in top condition. That’s why we have equipped our dealership with free Wi-Fi, workstations and a children’s play area – why sit and stare at a wall or at a terrible TV show when you could be spending your time catching up on emails or playing with your kids? You can also feel free to schedule your service appointments right online – and because our service department is open Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a time that works for you.


Countless Reasons to Visit DePaula Chevy

While we could go on and on explaining the DePaula Chevy difference, why not come by and see for yourself all of the reasons that buying a car from DePaula Chevy is anything but stressful and overwhelming. In fact, we’re confident that you’re going to love the time you spend shopping at your local DePaula Chevy dealership.