Don’t Rush: Three Easy Ways You Can Get More Money for Your Used Car

Are you looking to sell your aging car? That’s a great idea, as you might as well get some value for it while you can.

But wait, you’re going to sell the vehicle as is? In other words, you’d be fine taking the car to a dealership right now and selling it to the business? There are absolutely zero reasons to rush, and by doing so, you might be missing out on some extra cash.

Instead, you should make sure that you’re following the proper steps to maximize the return on your aging car. For instance, fixing any minor dents should boost the value of your vehicle. While a trip to the mechanic will keep your prospective buyer from encountering mechanical issues after the purchase.

If you’re trying to determine the best used car value for your current ride, then continue reading to see how you can truly maximize that asking price…


Cosmetic Repairs

If a potential buyer sees one minor scratch or dent on the surface of your vehicle, they’re surely going to use this factor to their advantage. They’ll presumably argue that they’d have to pay additional money to have these cosmetic problems repaired, and they’ll attempt to subtract the projected maintenance fee from the asking price of your vehicle. In these situations, the seller will have little room to argue and might have to settle for less than their asking price.

Well, by being proactive, you can eliminate this predicament altogether. You won’t want to dish out too much money when you’re looking to fix up several of these aesthetic problems, as you’ll be running the risk that you won’t be able to recoup that money during the final sale. However, there are a number of services that will remove dents or hide scratches for less than $100. You should quickly jump on these opportunities, to avoid your potential subtracting more from your asking price.

Even if your car is in perfect condition, it’s in the seller’s best interest to check that it’s as close to “new” quality as possible. In other words, a clean, sparkling vehicle will look a lot more enticing than a beaten-down car covered in pollen. Before you decide to showcase your vehicle, take it through a quick, inexpensive car wash. While it’s unlikely that a recent bath will boost the value of a car, it surely won’t hurt it.

This sentiment also applies to the interior of your vehicle. A dirty, smelly interior is obviously a turnoff for prospective buyers. You may assume that these customers can look past the empty fast food bags and water bottles, which might not be a bad assumption in some situations. However, these buyers may also be associating your lack of cleanliness with a lack of passion for your vehicle, and this lack of motivation may apply to other areas of the vehicle. If you couldn’t find the time to clean your car’s interior, who’s to say that you couldn’t find the time to bring the vehicle to a mechanic for a basic maintenance check?


Maintenance Visits

Speaking of a basic maintenance check, you’ll want to bring your vehicle into a mechanic before you begin the selling process. This might seem like a needless waste of time, money, and effort. However, the financial incentives could end up resulting in an extra dollars in your pocket.

During a routine test drive, most car shoppers can easily identify a mechanical issue. If the acceleration is subpar or there’s an odd noise coming from the engine, you can bet that the potential buyer will account for these issues when they’re negotiating the price of the car.

By visiting a trusted technician, you can confirm that all mechanical aspects of your vehicle are up to par. This way, if a buyer tries to pull a fast one and argue about any problems with the car, you can point to your recent visit to the mechanic as a way to refute their claims. Of course, it’s especially important that you’re equipped with any relevant service documentation, as this will help confirm your argument.


Clever Negotiating

Many car owners will look to trade in their current ride and use the money towards a replacement. Dealerships make this incredibly easy, as they’ll factor in the trade-in value towards the price of a new car. However, many dealerships will try to use this transaction in their favor. In other words, they might not offer as enticing of a deal on a particular vehicle if they already know that you’re planning on purchasing that particular car.

What’s the alternative? Consider each transaction its own individual entity. Don’t disclose your entire game plan to a potential car buyer, as this could result in a less-than-advantageous deal for you. Instead, when you’re selling a car, treat it as its own transaction. Once you’ve secured a deal to your liking, then you can be more forthcoming about your pursuit of a new car.

Speaking of securing a deal, you obviously shouldn’t jump on the first offer that comes your way. While this may save you some time, it’s likely that you’ll be leaving a chunk of money on the table. If you end up securing more than one deal, you can even use the various offers as leverage against the various bidders. By pursuing this route, you’ll at least know that you’ve secured the best possible deal.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can boost the value of your used car. By following the steps listed above, you’ll all but guarantee that you won’t be screwed over as you’re attempting to maximize profit on your sale.

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