Chevy Recognizes Dedicated Pickup Owners as “Truck Legends”


Silverado Performance


Have you been scouring the internet for used trucks? Well, Chevrolet recently announced that there’s a new incentive to owning an older Chevy truck… as if there wasn’t plenty of incentive already.

A new endeavor by the company will help recognize those older Chevy pickups. Owners will unlock a number of exclusive products and opportunities if they’re eligible. If you don’t own a Chevy pickup, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find a qualifying used truck.


“Truck Legends”


2013 Chevrolet Silverado Custom Sport Truck


The brand recently unveiled their “Truck Legends” program, which will reward any owner of a Chevy truck with plus-100,000 miles on the odometer. In addition to lauding the longevity of the truck brand, the program is also intended to recognize the brand’s dedicated followers. The massive undertaking will initially begin in Texas, and will later unveil nationwide starting next year.

“These customers have helped make Chevrolet the fastest-growing pickup truck brand in the industry for 2016,” the brand statement said. “Their loyalty is a testament to the durability of Silverado – the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickup on the road.”

“We know there is a story behind every mile, every truck and every customer,” said Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet’s Truck Marketing Director. “The Truck Legends program is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to our loyal customers, and curating some of their stories.”

Most Chevy Owners Are Legends

You don’t even need to currently own a Chevy truck to be eligible! The brand will also recognize owners who have leased at least a pair of Chevrolet pickup trucks throughout their lives. Of course, we’re sure there aren’t many loyal Chevy fans who have given up their trusty pickups!

Chevy will recognize all of their former truck owners, including

  • Silverado and Silverado HD (and past C/K trucks)
  • Colorado (and past S-10 trucks)
  • Tahoe
  • Suburban
  • Avalanche

All customers have to do is create a profile at It takes no time at all to unlock a number of exclusive opportunities and some sweet schwag.


Showcase Your Chevy Pride


2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LTZ crew cab pickup


You’re probably curious what incentives are included in the program. Well, if you’re one who likes to showcase your Chevy pride, you’ll be interested in what the “Truck Legends” program has to offer…

  • A variety of memorabilia, including hats and decals.
  • Recognition of “mileage milestones,” like 100,000 miles or even 1 million miles
  • Dealership-specific incentives, including discounted car washes or oil changes

Chevrolet will also be teaming up with some of their top partners to send pickup owners on once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The company has already teased exclusive looks of upcoming Chevy vehicles, and they will also have opportunities to win front-row concert or MLB tickets.

“In 2018 we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of our first Chevrolet truck, and that event would not be complete without recognizing the customers who have made Chevrolet part of the fabric of America. The stories from our Truck Legends will play a key part in celebrating the next hundred years of Chevrolet trucks.”


Which Used Truck Should You Choose?


2012 Silverado


If you’re a Chevy lover or simply a pickup truck fan, you’ll certainly want to get in on this promotion. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too hard to come across an applicable used truck.

Of course, it won’t all be easy. If you’re going to be focusing in on Chevy trucks, you’re going to have plenty of options to choose from. Which used truck would best fit your needs? Let’s take a look…

Mid-2000’s Chevy Silverado

The brand recognizes the Silverado as one of the most dependable and longest-lasting pickups on the road. While the nameplate has been out since the early 2000s, there’s no denying that the mid-2000 model years helped push forth that sentiment. Plenty of drivers are still driving around their first generation Silverados, and you may not even notice the difference between a new pickup and a 10-year-old used truck!

There’s a red pre-owned 2006 Silverado 2500HD sitting on DePaula’s lot, and that pickup is still kicking. Despite having 163,000 miles on the odometer, drivers can still count on the used truck’s incredible Vortex 6.0-liter V8 engine to get them through any driving predicament. Of course, the brand’s trustworthy and powerful four-wheel-drive drivetrain will also contribute to the pickup’s mightiness.

Even if you don’t opt for this specific Silverado, you could still appreciate the trio of V8 engines (as well as the perfectly capable V6 option) available in these models. There are also a number of transmission options, and you’ll probably end up finding a pickup with either two- or four-wheel drive systems. In other words, you’ll certainly be able to find a used truck that fits your needs.

While we’re all concerned with what’s happening under the hood, Chevy separated itself from the pack during the mid-2000s by offering one of the most comfortable and accommodating driving experiences out there. The Trailering Suspension Package will allow drivers to haul any cargo they may have out back, while the power steering and the anti-lock braking system will assure you can drive in the snowiest of days.

The cabin is comfortable, too! The front dual zone air conditioning unit will assure that every occupant is content and comfy. Plus, passengers can trust the variety of safety options, including a front anti-roll bar, dual-front impact airbags, and four-wheel disc brakes.

This truck would already be eligible for the “Truck Legends” program, so you won’t have to drive endlessly around the block to jack up the odometer and become eligible!

2012 Silverado

We wouldn’t necessarily blame you if you prefer a newer pickup. Fortunately, the 2012 Silverado is an excellent choice. The vehicle features some of the best attributes of the second-generation, and you’ll be able to get the truck for an affordable price.

The 2012 Silverado 1500 included a number of impressive engines, so you can shop around to find the unit that best fits your needs. The offerings included:

  • 4.3-liter Vortec 4300 V6 (195 horsepower, 260 pounds-feet of torque)
  • 4.8-liter Vortec 4800 V8 (302 horsepower, 305 pounds-feet of torque)
  • 5.3-liter Vortec 5300 V8 (315 horsepower, 335 pounds-feet of torque)
  • 6.2-liter Vortec 6200 V8 (403 horsepower, 417 pounds-feet of torque)

Each of these engines is also incredibly fuel efficient (for a truck), offering 13 city/18 highway mile per gallon efficiency. You’re unlikely to find that fuel economy from another pickup. The vehicle also offers an unmatched towing capacity, as well as an extensive warranty, although it’s standing as a certified pre-owned vehicle should ease your mind. The vehicle was even named a 2010 Best Overall Value by Intellichoice. How could you go wrong?

Best of all, you’re going to start finding excellent deals on 2012 models. With the pickup’s fifth birthday coming up, the price of the truck will surely start to drop. For example, there’s a 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 sitting on DePaula’s lot for less than $23,000.

This specific used truck truly offers it all. The vehicle includes a smooth four-speed automatic transmission, as well as a four-wheel-drive drivetrain. The silver truck may take awhile to get to that 100,000 threshold (there’s currently 51,260 miles on the odometer), but we’re sure you’ll get there in no time as you’re cruising around the city in your recently purchased used truck.

If you’re in the market for a used truck, why wouldn’t you go with Chevy’s dependable offerings? Besides knowing that you’re getting a trustworthy, capable pickup, you can also take satisfaction in driving a “truck legend!”