Your Used Car is a Hot Commodity at DePaula Chevrolet

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No, really. Unless we’re talking a legit clunker on its last gasping breath, DePaula Used Cars wants to buy your car and you would be wise to sell it to us. The demand for solid used cars has reached a near-historic high. The industry needs used vehicles. Period. And while it always has, hence the existence of impersonal brick-and-mortars, like CarMax, the playing field for used car sales is getting mighty competitive and that is great news for consumers.

The benefit to dealing with a business like DePaula Used Cars versus CarMax comes down to personal attention, a deep-rooted concern for reputation and…reviews, both of which directly correlate to repeat business for dealerships. Think about that expression: Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Exactly. But, in some cases the damage is too deep and there is no repairing a ruined reputation. As an independently owned and operated business, DePaula Used Cars is acutely aware of this and conducts all transactions with this in mind. Transparency and integrity are crucial to customer service and satisfaction and that is what you’ll get at DePaula Used Cars, compared to CarMax, no matter what side of the sale you’re on.

Another expression – if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. In keeping with that spirit, this information will focus on why you should sell your car to DePaula Used Cars over CarMax. So, how and why should you sell your used vehicle to DePaula Used Cars, rather than venture down the tired route offered by CarMax?

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Selling Your Car to DePaula Chevrolet Versus CarMax




Couldn’t be any easier. Seriously. We’ll resist that whole, “so easy a caveman could do it,” analogy, but that’s about all the know-how anyone needs to take advantage of this ready-made buyer in DePaula Used Cars.

Whether you’ve got a used car, truck, SUV, whatever make, model, and model year, simply pop online and complete the submission form, which will ask for your contact information, along with all the necessary information regarding the vehicle you wish to sell. And since a picture is worth a thousand words and this little form only asks for so many, DePaula Used Cars has set up the option for you to upload two photos – an interior and exterior shot.

Based on that submission, you can expect a quick response from DePaula Used Cars, which will come with a preliminary offer, courtesy of online appraisal tools like Kelley Blue Book’s Instant Cash Offer. If you try to sell your car to CarMax and hope to expedite the process, we’re here to tell you, you’re out of luck. Rather than review an estimated appraisal, all you can do with CarMax is schedule your appraisal and then head to the location nearest you to actually find out how much your car is worth. Who has that kind of time?

Granted, with DePaula Used Cars, you can’t just accept your online appraisal and expect them to cut you a check, sight unseen. It’s hard to imagine anyone making a purchase before fully checking out the goods.

So, your next step will be to bring your vehicle down to the DePaula Used Cars dealership where the team can give it a thorough going over and then present you with what they are prepared to pay for it. But, rest assured, the offer you are ultimately given will be very close to the appraisal you received online. Better yet, if you visited CarMax before approaching DePaula, you’ll be able to take advantage of DePaula’s promise to beat any CarMax written appraisal by $500. DePaula Used Cars has no interest in wasting your time or theirs, so you should visit DePaula with the confidence that you know your vehicle’s worth and are doing business with a team determined to make you the best offer possible.

Think you need to decline or accept the offer right there on the spot? Think again. In addition to transparency and integrity, DePaula believes in no-hassle, no-pressure transactions and will absolutely not pressure you to make a decision on the spot.

Rather, you can enjoy a little grace period of either ten days or 1,000 miles – your choice, or whichever comes first, while you’re making up your mind. At CarMax, you have a mere seven days to make up your mind. And we all know how fast a week can fly by when you’re busy keeping up with other professional and personal commitments. Take advantage of that extra three days grace period and really feel good about your decision.

Once you’ve made up your mind – let’s say you accept the offer – simply bring your vehicle back to the dealership and the DePaula team will cut you a check and send you on your way. And there’s another difference with DePaula Used Cars – your check comes free of any obligation to put the money towards a car purchased from their lot. Instead of feeling like you need to take the funds and choose your next ride from DePaula’s inventory, you’re free to simply walk out, check in hand, with the choice to spend that money on a new car wherever and whenever it suits you.

How can you be sure that this claim will hold up in real-time? Think about it. Once they’ve purchased your car, the DePaula team officially has what it wants and is adding to their own used car stock. It’s a win-win.


The Definition of Win-Win: Certified Pre-Owned


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More specifically, since the DePaula team inspected your vehicle prior to purchasing it, they’ll be able to add it to their pre-owned inventory, which is increasingly more popular than the traditional, and somewhat tarnished, used car route. The difference between used and pre-owned vehicles comes down to accountability and customer protection. In order for a used car to be certified as a pre-owned option for prospective buyers, it must first undergo a rigorous inspection process, per the manufacturer or dealership’s guidelines.

For example, before Chevy will certify any used vehicle as “pre-owned,” that vehicle has to pass a 172-point intensive inspection. What this then signals to potential buyers is that the professionals have thoroughly checked out this vehicle and back it. In other words, you will not drive off the lot and discover that the engine is wonky or the transmission is prone to glitches.

But, the other benefit to buying certified pre-owned is that in the totally unlikely (read: fluke) event that something, in fact, did go wrong with your extensively inspected vehicle, you are protected by manufacturer and dealer supported warranties. Some of these extend protections and assurances similar to what consumers would expect when purchasing a new vehicle.

Basically, with a certified pre-owned vehicle, you’re covered pre and post-purchase. No other used car purchase provides anything near that level of peace of mind. So, you can see why DePaula Used Cars is so eager to purchase your used car, provided its condition and maintenance history might make it a perfect match for their own certified pre-owned vehicle inventory.

Whether you want to scope out your preliminary offer online or cut right to the chase and see what the sales associates at DePaula Used Cars will offer for your used vehicle, get the process started sooner than later. Demand is high, but plenty of consumers are eager to help DePaula Used Cars shore up its supply. So, strike while the iron is hot and contact the DePaula team today.


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