Why You Should Buy a Used Car Instead of a New One

January 6th, 2017 by

2017 is officially in full swing, and if you are like most Americans – then you have your list of New Year’s resolutions set and ready to go. Hopefully, you are more like the 18-percent of people who follow through on their goals this year, and not like the 82-percent of Americans who don’t. Either way, we have one resolution that is easy to stick to – buying a new car. Not only will buying a new vehicle this year lift up your spirits and get you excited for what lies ahead but if done right, it can be the best decision you make all year. One of the surefire ways to ensure that your new car purchase will not give you a bad case of buyer’s remorse is to find ways to save money. One of the best ways to do this when purchasing a new vehicle is to check out your options for purchasing used cars. Albany, NY is full of options, with the very best used car dealer right in your own backyard – DePaula Chevrolet.


Don’t Want a Used Car? Why You Should Reconsider

Some people simply don’t like buying used cars. Whether they have had a bad experience in the past, or hold onto negative connotations based on the opinions of others, the fact remains that certain shoppers won’t even consider buying a vehicle unless it is brand spanking new. While this strong stance on car buying may be possible for some people, it is nearly impossible for others. From a tighter budget to putting countless miles on a car day in and day out – there are plenty of reasons why someone would need to purchase a used car over a new one. Buying new may not always be the ideal choice for some people, but buying used is often the most practical option available.

If you have held onto these sorts of strong feelings about buying used, we invite you to reconsider. Those horror stories you have heard in the past? Forget about them. Does the thought of driving someone else’s car weird you out? Don’t let it! Do you worry about the quality and condition of buying a used car? There is no reason you should! For every doubt and reasoning behind not buying a used car, there is a better reason why you should.


Reasons to Buy a Used Car Instead of a New One

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequent excuses for not buying a pre-owned car, and how each one can be proven false.

  • It’s Outdated and Old! While this can certainly be true of some used cars on the market, it is unfair to categorize every pre-owned option under this generic assumption. Sure, used cars can be old. They can even be outdated. But there are plenty of used options available that are neither. Take, for example, vehicles that were leased. The most common lease term is three years or 36 months. After which, the vehicle is returned to the dealership and exchanged for a new model. These same vehicles are limited to a certain amount of annual mileage, which means they are both newer and have less wear and tear. A surge in new vehicle leases took place three years ago, which means that there are more used options available that are three years old, with less than 40,000 miles on the odometer. Don’t sell yourself short of getting a great vehicle for less simply because it is used. You may miss out on an incredible opportunity if you do.
  • I Can Afford to Buy a New One! If you can afford to buy a brand new car, that’s great. Congratulations. But if someone were to tell you that you could get the same vehicle in used condition, for much, much less, why wouldn’t you? Being able to afford a more expensive car doesn’t mean you should buy it, especially when a less expensive version is available. The money you put into your new car, you will never get back. Set yourself up for future success, lower monthly payments, and less stress on your monthly budget, by opting for a pre-owned vehicle rather than a brand new one. Oh! Aside from saving money, the used car you end up with will likely feature more bells and whistles than the newer one that you can afford – check and mate.
  • The Thought of Driving Someone Else’s Car is Weird! Okay, first of all – no one is asking you to borrow underwear or buy a used toilet. It’s a car. Even if the previous owner was the smelliest individual on earth, a good used car dealership will have the vehicle completely detailed and looking like new before even putting it on their lot. The notion that you shouldn’t buy a car simply because someone else once owned it, is silly and petty. As soon as you get behind the wheel, plug in your favorite air freshener, and install your faux leather steering wheel cover – you won’t even know the difference.
  • I Don’t Want My Friends to Think I’m Poor! Again, this is a ridiculous reason to skip out on buying a money-saving used car. If your friends judge you based on the fact that you purchase a used vehicle rather than a new one, then they likely weren’t your real friends, to begin with. Rather than worry about what other people think, make a decision based on what will make you happy in the long run. The choice is simple: Outrageous monthly payments for a moderately equipped car or a well-appointed vehicle at a price you can easily afford?

When it comes down to the final decision, the only person who can make it – is you. If you are still unsure whether buying a pre-owned vehicle is the right choice, head to a reputable dealership like DePaula Chevrolet and take a few vehicles for a test drive. See what is in your price range, and then compare it to what you would get if you were to buy a new car. List out pros and cons of buying used over new, and vice versa. Sitting down and thinking things through should bring clarity. Just remember – no matter what your decision ends up being, you will be the only one who has to live with it. Choose wisely, and make the purchase that is best for you.