What Makes the Best Used Truck?

May 13th, 2018 by

There are many people who dream of having a new truck. The feeling of sitting up high, driving something with some mass is unlike any other. The ability to haul around a lot of cargo and equipment without sacrificing passenger space is also irreplaceable if you need the extra horsepower and torque a truck provides. For many people, particularly professionals in jobs with a lot of equipment, a truck is an indispensable tool that goes beyond just driving your vehicle.

Unfortunately, a new truck can be insanely expensive depending on what you need. Full-size trucks, in particular, come with hefty price tags even before you start to look at advanced trims and accessories. On the surface, a truck starting around $30,000 or $40,000 may seem out of reach unless you want the bare-bones experience in your next vehicle.

That is why a used truck can be an attractive alternative to anyone. Imagine being able to afford something with a lot of life left in it, with more features than you could realistically afford with the baseline new truck. This is the reality that a lot of used truck options offer potential truck owners. After a few years of use, most trucks depreciate in value to match the budgets of many truck seekers not wanting to make sacrifices on the capabilities and accessories their future truck will have.

If you find yourself interested in looking at a used truck in Albany, New York, DePaula Chevy can help. This article will go through some of the things you should consider when determining if a used truck option is the best choice for you.


Different Shapes And Sizes

The best thing about looking at used trucks is the process is virtually the same as looking at new options. For the most part, truck design hasn’t changed significantly in the last few years. You can even go back several decades and find similar engine options, suspension options, and safety/interior convenience upgrades as you would today.

This simply means you can search for a used truck the same way that you would look at new possibilities. First, know what kind of truck you’re actually looking for. The basic difference comes down to size. Trucks are either midsize or full-size, providing either better fuel efficiency and car-like handling capabilities or more cargo space and trailering capabilities. All trucks, regardless of the basic size, also come with a variety of cabin and bed lengths.

Cabin sizes range from a simple two-seater front row all the way to a full cab with equal size front and rear seating. The most common is a crew cab, which features a small rear row accessible either via half doors or a front seat that folds down. If you can live without adequate passenger space, this can be a great way to add some extra luggage room or some space for smaller adults and children.

Bed sizes typically range from short, medium, and long. Short beds are usually around 5 feet and are good for basic daily commutes where you may want to transport groceries and small equipment around. Medium beds can be around 6 to 6 1/2 feet and are more standard from the majority of truck manufacturers. Finally, long beds, typically around 8 feet, give you the most cargo space for larger equipment or a greater quantity of objects to carry.

You will find plenty of used trucks coming in different options and configurations. You can determine ahead of time which configuration of size, cabin, and bed you want or wait and see what is available on the market if you don’t have a particular preference. In general, the smaller a truck is, the more affordable it will be.


Different Conditions

Very few truck manufacturers build their trucks with little attention to longevity and reliability. That means you can expect most trucks you find on the used market to be great contenders for your next purchase without requiring any major, costly repairs in the immediate future. With that said, trucks are just like any other vehicle, meaning you should expect some general wear and tear on the exterior, mechanical parts, and even the interior.

It is not uncommon to find many used trucks with 100,000 to 200,000 miles on the engine. Normally, this is not a cause for concern. Many truck engines can last well into the 500,000-mile range before needing a major overhaul. Still, you should give the truck a good test drive or have it inspected by a professional mechanic to make sure all the individual components are roadworthy before you take it off the lot.

This goes for the drivetrain components and suspension parts as well. Four-wheel-drive trucks, for example, tend to experience more wear and tear than rear wheel drive varieties. If the previous owner didn’t know how to drive a four-wheel truck properly, this could have led to early damage done to the drive axles, transfer case, or other parts of the drivetrain. An inspection of the undercarriage should reveal any major issues here.

Finally, you should expect some amount of wear and tear on the exterior surface and interior of the truck as well. On the inside, a common spill or ripped stitching in a fabric panel shouldn’t be enough to compromise the usability of the truck overall. If you want your interior to be pristine, however, you have to be picky and pay more attention when vetting different options.

The exterior will probably come with its share of dings, scratches, and bumps. Some paint fading may also be present if the truck has been left outdoors in the sunlight. As long as there are no major deformations that compromise the truck’s overall integrity or handling characteristics, it should be just fine unless you want to get extra work done to improve the exterior appearance.


Taking The Right Steps Before You Buy

Regardless of the type of used truck, you are looking for; there are a few steps you should take to make sure you give yourself the highest chance of finding a great, perfectly working vehicle to drive. Taking a little bit of extra time before you buy the truck will save you a lot of time and money later on.

Make sure you put the truck through a detailed inspection process. This process starts with you and your eyes. Look over the exterior and interior for any major signs of issues or damage. Pop the hood and check the undercarriage to see the condition of the truck’s mechanical parts as well. Any signs of corrosion or rust should be noted. Take it for a test drive to find potential issues that only reveal themselves through the noises and feel of the truck while in motion. Finally, a professional inspection done by a dealership or auto body shop that you trust can reveal the types of issues you won’t find on your own.


Finding The Perfect Used Truck

If you find yourself in the position of needing or wanting a used truck in Albany, New York without the cost of a new model, it’s time to come on down to DePaula Chevy to see what we have in our inventory. All of our used trucks go through an inspection process where we make sure to identify and address any major problems that would make the vehicle unsafe to drive. We will also inform you of any issues we find, so you know exactly what to expect before taking the truck off the lot.

If you want to take a test drive, we can arrange that too. One of our helpful service staff can help you see what the truck feels like firsthand in a real-world setting. By driving a truck on actual roads, you’ll get a better idea of its overall handling characteristics, especially if this is your first time driving a larger vehicle.

We can also help with anything else you may have in terms of your automotive needs. From excellent financing services to mechanical repairs and upgrades, DePaula does it all. All it takes is a visit to our dealership or a call/email to get the process started.