Want To Upgrade Your Standard Car? Here’s How

May 31st, 2016 by




Sometimes, a vehicle’s standard design just isn’t quite right. Whether it’s to upgrade your style for even better presence on the road or to boost your performance in the heat of some tough driving, there are plenty of reasons to want to upgrade or improve your ride – and when you do, there’s no better place to find auto parts in Albany, NY than DePaula.

That’s because DePaula can accurately match your vehicle to the parts you’re looking for, meaning you can easily find those parts that will best suit your unique vision for your vehicle. This not only takes the stress out of finding the right parts, but with DePaula’s talented service staff ready and willing to do any work you need you can get those parts on your vehicle without the stress of installing them yourself.

If you’re interested in boosting your car’s style with a little help from these trusty professionals, here are a few places to start to really make your vehicle stand out on the road. With one or any of these, your car can be the dream vehicle you’ve been looking for in no time at all.


Want to start your journey to unique vehicle ownership with a bang? Nothing gets your vehicle’s style ramped up quite like a quality spoiler. These aerodynamic accents can seriously boost your style on the road, giving your vehicle that race-ready look while possibly increasing airflow around your vehicle. This can help boost your performance as well as your look, making your custom vehicle one special machine that’s sure to turn heads in traffic.


These days, nothing makes a car look more bad-to-the-bone than high-quality rims. Bringing both that air of opulence and the toughness of a real street racer, rims and spinners can increase your vehicle’s attractiveness and add that touch of urban class to whichever vehicle is most special to you.


Lights can be so much more than functional – especially with the right combination of power and placement. That said, you may have seen custom light bars and high-powered upgrades on everything from old, updated trucks to brand-new racers. These impressive additions serve a dual function, providing high-powered lighting for those late nights on the road and the confident look of a custom upgrade to make your vehicle truly “shine.”


Plan on pushing your vehicle to the limit? Like to take on tough off-road trails? Then you might want to consider a suspension upgrade for your vehicle, which can increase your ground clearance and soften your landings for increased capability on the trail. This means you’ll be able to take on just about any rock climb or steep descent with little to no problem – plus, it’ll look pretty neat too.


Most people think about their brakes only when something has gone wrong – mostly, we’d guess, because brakes generally aren’t that visible to the casual passerby. The fact is, however, that premium brakes can seriously boost your performance and improve your stopping power, meaning you’ll be able to push your vehicle even further without fear of uncontrolled failure. Plus, with some premium brake models actually offering attractive, highly-visible components, you can actually make a splash with just a couple of high-class brakes.

So whether you’re looking for something to give your vehicle that extra push or simply a good way to turn heads when you’re out driving, few can accomplish this better than some premium auto parts. Next time you’re feeling like your car’s ready for an upgrade, consider some replacement auto parts – and enjoy your custom ride for miles to come.