Used Trucks: To Buy, or Not to Buy?

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There are a lot of different opinions regarding the used vehicle market, and whether or not shoppers should stick with brand new models, or take a chance and buy used. The decision usually boils down to personal preference, which is why it is important to understand your unique vehicle needs before choosing one avenue over another. Buying a used car or crossover SUV is one thing, and buying used trucks for sale is another matter entirely. Pickup trucks are utilized more extensively than a sedan or a coupe, making buyers more wary of whether they should purchase a used truck or not. Used pickups can be just as valuable to a car shopper as a pre-owned SUV, especially if they know what to look out for, and things they should steer clear of when buying a pre-owned pickup.

Reasons NOT To Buy a Used Truck

If you are like most people, then the best way to make a proper decision is to weigh the pros and cons of each possible option. Because we like to end things on a positive note around here, we will begin with a list of cons. Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a used pickup truck. As you read through each list, keep in mind whether or not each list item applies to you personally, and if it doesn’t – simply skip to the next one down. Ready? Here we go!

  • You Have a Disposable Income: While your friends and family are busy pinching pennies and wasting their day budgeting their monthly expenses, you sit back and laugh without a financial care in the world. You problem isn’t whether you will have enough to cover your bills this month, but instead you wonder what you will be able to possibly spend all of your money on. You have so much, it is piling up and becoming quite annoying. Buying a used pickup truck on a disposable income just seems irresponsible. If this describes you, then you probably should purchase the most expensive, well-equipped truck available.
  • You Don’t Enjoy Saving Money: Maybe your income isn’t as flexible as in the situation above, but if there is one thing you can’t stand – it’s saving money. Who needs a cushy retirement fund, anyway? You know you can easily buy the same pickup truck for less used, but that would mean having to save money – which again, you loathe. If the mere thought of having extra money at the end of the day gives you hives, then whatever you do – don’t buy a used pickup truck!
  • You Want Less Amenities for More Money: Somewhere down the line, you have resolved to spend more money than you need to, and get less for the money you spend. Buying a pre-owned Chevy Silverado 1500 might get you a longer list of standard features and better capability for less money, but you want the opposite. You would rather purchase a brand new 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 for more, and get the lower trim level with less options. You can’t explain why you feel this way, but you just do. If this describes you, then by all means – buy the lesser truck for more money. After all, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your wants and needs for something so trivial.

Reasons To Buy a Used Pickup

Now that we have every reason I could possibly imagine for why someone wouldn’t want to buy a used pickup, let’s explore reasons why you should purchase a pre-owned truck. Whichever list most resonates with you, can help dictate your final choice regarding this impossible decision.

  • You Love Saving Money: After crunching the numbers, you have set a budget that you are comfortable spending on a new pickup truck. You have looked into buying new and used versions, both of which fall into your set budget. While it would be nice to buy a brand new truck, you would have much more money left over if you opted for a year-old model that has a few thousand miles on it. Being the financially savvy person that you are, you make the decision to purchase the used pickup, and put the rest of your hard-earned money back into savings.
  • You Are Practical: Buying a used truck doesn’t seem like the most glamorous option, but it is the most practical. Your parents raised you to make decisions based on practicality, and not based on your changing desires. You opt for the used version of your favorite pickup truck make and model, and end up happy with your purchase. The truck you chose was a newer model year, and still had that new car smell. Your friends and family didn’t even know that the truck you purchased was used, which gives you a silent sense of satisfaction for making the right (and practical) decision.
  • You Make Decisions Based on the Future: The reason why so many Americans find themselves in a debt spiral, is because they make financial decisions based on the present, and not the future. You, on the other hand, have been taught to look ahead, and not solely right in front of you. Buying a vehicle is the most money you have ever spent in one place, and that thought alone is a scary one. Your current income allows you plenty of wiggle room to buy a brand new pickup, but you exercise caution by looking into the future. If you were to get laid off, for example, would you still be able to make monthly payments on a new truck? Maybe, but not likely. You decide to buy a high quality used truck, and know that no matter what happens in the future – you made the right choice.

Used Cars at DePaula Chevrolet

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