Trim Levels in the 2016 Chevy Silverado

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The options that the 2016 Chevy Silverado offers when it comes to trim levels are impressive. There’s so many trim levels you might not even be sure which one is right for you! With this helpful guide, you’ll be able to easily distinguish between the trim levels in the 2016 Silverado when it’s time to buy yours.

Deciding which trim level suits your needs the best is a personal choice. Talking with your Chevrolet dealership about which one will be best for you can help. You’ll also want to consider the trim levels that the 2016 Silverado has to offer beforehand—with so many of them, it can get a little confusing!

The important thing is that you’ve got options when it comes time to purchase your Chevy Silverado brand new for 2016.

So what are the trim levels in the 2016 Chevy Silverado?

High Country

The High Country is a trim level of the Silverado that offers perhaps the most luxury of any of the trim levels. With advanced technology such as running boards that fold up and extend in order to give you better access to the cab, a tailgate that opens at the tap of your foot, and more standard features than any of its other trim levels, Chevy ensures this truck was made for the tech junkie. The interior features leather-trimmed seats along with embroidered features make this truck shine with luxury touches. The accessibility that the High Country offers is essential as well. The High Country trim level also has an exclusive grille, bumpers that are body-colored, and some chrome bars to customize your look.

high country

The High Country also has LED lighting along with standard wireless phone charging and bucket seats. The engine is a standard 5.3L V8 with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The High Country also comes with 6-inch assist steps that are chromed. For your accessibility needs combined with some interior truck luxury, the High Country could be the trim level for you.

LT or LT Z71

The LT is another trim level for the Silverado that comes with an optional off-roading package, fondly labeled as the LT Z71. The LT of course comes with StabiliTrak and a suspension package that the LT Z71 doesn’t offer. The Z71 also comes with a body-color grille (the LT simply offers chrome) as well as body-colored headlamp bezels. Both models come with the LED signature lights that are part of Chevy’s new 2016 series of trucks. The Z71 version of the LT does come with LED fog lamps in addition to the traditional lamps.


The Z71 features a trailering package from Chevy as well as the Z71 appearance package, letting everyone know you’ve gotten your Silverado with some off-roading capabilities. Both vehicles come with six speakers as well as Bluetooth and Chevy MyLink with the 8-inch touchscreen in order to access everything you need while on the road. The driver information center comes with a 4.2-inch display.

The leather-wrapped steering wheel comes standard on these models. In addition to getting the Z71 exterior package, you’ll also get the Z71 interior package should you choose to get this on your Silverado. Both vehicles are matched for fuel mileage at up to 22 MPG on the highway. Not bad for one of the bigger trucks that Chevy has to offer.


While the LT isn’t available in the off-road package, it starts at a lower price and still gives you some great features. While this model doesn’t have quite as many features as its former trim level, it’s still got what you need to get you on the road in a brand new Chevy Silverado at a little lower price.

Silverado LS

It’s still got the stainless steel exhaust, suspension package, and 17-inch wheels. It also has the LED lights that all the new truck models on Chevy have. With its chrome grille and deep tinted glass, this model looks relatively similar to the LT. The LS comes with a little smaller 7-inch touchscreen as opposed to the 8-inch touchscreen that the LT has to offer. It also has a driver information center like the LT, but the display is smaller.

The LS also has recovery hooks in the front along with a remote locking tailgate for your convenience. With the LS, you won’t get the option of adding the Z71 off-roading package to your Silverado. This Silverado is ideal for truck drivers who know exactly what they want, and know that off-roading isn’t the most important thing in the world to them when it comes to heavy-duty trucks.

LTZ or LTZ Z71

Welcome to the chromed version of the LT and LS. With chrome mirror caps, door handles, and grille, the LTZ is looking a little shinier than the other trucks. Unless you’re getting the Z71 off-roading package—then, of course, the grille of your Silverado will be different in order to let everyone know that you’ve got the Z71 thing going on.

Of course they come with the trailering package as well as a 110-volt AC power outlet. In Chevy’s lineup of vehicles for 2016, you’ll also have the option of getting Wi-Fi with your vehicle. This means that your truck can have a built-in hotspot for when you need to access the web on-the-go without relying on your carrier’s Internet system. Plus, the hotspot will get 4G LTE speeds for when you need Internet at its fastest.


Bluetooth and MyLink are included. You’ll also get dual-zone automatic climate control and leather-appointed seats in the LTZ and LTZ Z71 trim levels. Heated front seating is standard for these trim levels, but unfortunately ventilated seating isn’t an option. The rear vision camera also helps to keep you safe while backing up and you’ve got a remote vehicle starter system for those times when you want to heat up the truck before you get inside.

You can get up to 23 MPG with these trim levels, which is slightly more than some of the other trim levels that Chevy has to offer!

With all the trim levels that Chevy has to offer for its 2016 Silverado, you’ve got tons of options to customize what you need and want in your perfect truck. The Silverado combines the rugged nature of its predecessors with the luxury that truck drivers want when they’re away from the job.

The 2016 Silverado comes updated with everything you need to make your truck the perfect one for all your needs. The High Country is the best of what the Silverado has to offer, but the LS comes at a lower price. The LT and LTZ fall somewhere in the middle with the option for getting an off-roading package. For those who want their truck for more than work with a little bit of play on the side, the off-roading package could be the ideal truck package for you with custom exterior and interior styling.

The 2016 line of Silverados impresses for this year and offers you everything you need to make this truck your dream truck. Choose from several trim levels with the option for off-roading, because no one knows better than Chevy how versatile truck drivers need their trucks to be—as versatile as their drivers and then some. Choose from these trim levels which Chevy is the best Chevy Silverado for you for 2016!

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