Top 5 Benefits Of Choosing Chevy Certified Service

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When it comes to finding a quality car repair without all the hassle of having to deal with multiple different mechanics – and getting the service you need without the stress and hard work that goes into finding the cheapest quality option out there – your choices may seem a bit limited. Either you pony up for an expensive mechanic that will seriously cost you, or you save money on a job that might just miss some major issue despite the low price tag. For many drivers, this is nothing more than a choice between two bad options, and walking away isn’t out of the question when no repair job meets your budget and quality specifications. But it doesn’t have to be such a heart-wrenching choice – especially when you consider all the benefits of choosing Chevy Certified Service in Albany, NY.

At DePaula’s Certified Chevy Service Center, you’ll find a team full of professional chevy mechanics ready and able to address any issue your Chevy might run into. From regular maintenance to in-depth repairs, only Chevy Certified technicians know just how to get your Chevy back in top shape with all the right parts, tools, and manuals for a unique level of Chevy-specific service you simply won’t find at another mechanic. Whether you’ve got an older Chevy model in need of some serious care or a one of the great options from the past few years in need of basic upkeep, Chevy Certified Service offers one of the best values for Chevy drivers looking to keep their car on the road for miles to come.

Here’s a look at five of the top benefits you can expect from choosing Chevy Certified Service, and why there may just be no other service option better to keep your Chevy running strong for the long haul.


Excellent Quality Repairs


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When you choose Chevy Certified Service, you can expect excellent repair jobs each and every time you take your vehicle in for service. That’s because every Certified Chevy technician is highly trained and specialized to deal with Chevy vehicles, bringing an almost encyclopedic knowledge of modern and used Chevys to every job and bringing all the composite knowledge of the Chevy brand to the table with each and every repair.

Whether you’ve got questions about regular maintenance or concerns about a funny noise coming from under the hood, your Certified Chevy tech can diagnose, isolate, and correct the problem with the precision of a true expert. And since every Certified Chevy shop is well-stocked with the tools needed to get the job done right, you know these pros won’t be cutting corners to simply get the job done – and that’s a guarantee you just can’t get at an independent mechanic.


Service Packages To Keep You Running Strong


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Once you’re part of the Certified Chevy community, it’s not hard to stay connected and to keep your Chevy running strong for miles to come. That becomes especially easy with perks like Chevy’s Vehicle Complete Care, a comprehensive maintenance package that helps you stay on top of your car’s condition with total ease. This package comes standard on all 2014 and 2015 used models and features complimentary scheduled maintenance services which are covered for the first 2 years or 24,000 miles after you purchase your vehicle. This service especially features basic jobs like an oil change, a thorough Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection, and a four-tire rotation for each included visit, giving you peace of mind on the road and a better chance to stay rolling for miles after you’ve left the lot.

Not only that, but signing up for Chevy Certified Service will also grant you access to a Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, Courtesy Transportation, a Powertrain Limited Warranty, a Rust-Through Protection Warranty, and a three-month trial subscription to OnStar on your beloved used Chevy. This helps bring all the modern conveniences that make today’s vehicles so great into your used Chevy, and keeps you protected even after miles have gone by.


Plenty Of Parts At Your Disposal


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Finding just the right parts for your used vehicle can be tough, and almost impossible if you don’t know where to look. In most cases, there’s no better place to go than to the manufacturer itself – and for Chevy owners, there’s nowhere more convenient to get quality original Chevy parts than your Certified Chevy Service center. These certified shops have a direct line to the factory itself, and with a wide variety of original Chevy parts on hand you can make every repair or upgrade you want with no issue finding the right parts for the job.


Save Where It Really Counts


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Don’t let anyone tell you that choosing Certified Service is anything less than a great deal – especially when most of the value comes with the quality of the work being done. Chevy knows your vehicle is going to need upkeep on a regular basis, and that’s why the company offers excellent service discounts and specials to help take some of the sting out of that regular maintenance. With a direct connection to all the best rebates, discounts, and offers that Chevy has for drivers, you’ll be able to save as much as possible without sacrificing even an ounce of quality in your regular auto service. Ask around at your Certified Chevy Service center and you’ll see just how much you can save on excellent quality repairs, maintenance, and upgrades for your beloved Chevy car.

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

When you deal directly with Chevy, you can rely on the guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your repairs and your used car in general. Having the power of one of America’s most beloved classic automakers behind you in all your automotive upkeep brings a certain peace of mind to the used car ownership process, and all this and more is open to any and all Chevy drivers willing to make the choice that smart drivers know to be the best: picking Chevy Certified Service for your vehicle’s needs. Get in contact with DePaula today and see what they can do to keep your Chevy strong for miles to come – and get ready to keep conquering those miles without saying goodbye to your favorite Chevy vehicle.