Tips When Buying a Used Luxury Car

August 4th, 2015 by


Alright, I’ll admit it, I’ve been there.  Maybe you have, too.  It’s vain, but it’s something I like that I can say, “I once bought a 1985 BMW 325i.”  It’s true.  I was only 20 year old.  The part I leave out is that while searching for used cars, Albany NY showed me this little gem a good 15 years after 1985 and then almost as quickly as I got it, I had to sell it.

Why is that?  Like most mistakes we make as young adults, I didn’t listen to my father’s strongly worded advice.  It had everything I wanted to complete my materialistic image of owning an almost vintage BMW; gorgeous black leather interior, sun roof, it was a manual and in some way it made me feel like I belonged in the world of luxury cars.

And I did, but only for a very short yet ecstatically happy 9 months.  The advice I didn’t take is what led its departure.  In the simplest terms and most convenient definition, I couldn’t afford it.  I was a broke college kid driving a 15 year old luxury car on a ramen noodle budget.

It needed a lot of work done.  The estimate was $3000.  I bought it for $1500.  And just like that, I was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks who thought she could go to Prom with Andrew McCarthey.

To help you avoid the same mistakes I made, consider the following points.  And if you do ever have the means, I highly recommend it.  It’s so choice.

Become An Expert On Your Car

If you decide a used luxury BMW or Mercedes is what’s right for you, you need to become an expert about your exactly model, year, everything.  Should you need to employ the help of mechanics for fixing up your vehicle, be prepared to dish out beaucoup money.  However, consider that the money you put into fixing your used luxury car equals about a couple months of car payments if it were a new car.

You Will Be Mistaken As Rich

Even if you’re delivering pizza in said luxury car, people will think you are a spoiled rich kid from Connecticut.  The assumption that you have lavish amounts of money to spend will be made, especially mechanics who watch you drive in their garage.

You need to become the expert when it comes to your car otherwise you will be taken for a proverbial ride.  Know what parts you need to fix it.  Learn where the best places to purchase them are and if you can go a step further do it.  Get your hands dirty.

Random Parts Are More Expensive

It makes sense for some parts to be more expensive as it is still a luxury and probably foreign car for which parts are difficult to find.  Expenses should be taken into account, but what no one tells you are about the parts you wouldn’t necessarily consider expensive: keys, batteries and fluids.

Be Willing To Spend the Money

Do not be fooled into saving a buck or two by purchasing a less expensive part.  Much like your grandmother telling you the gin you bought her is the incorrect brand, your BMW will tell you the same thing and with the same amount of disdain.  Only then will you regret ever having taken the cheaper route on your elder.

It Is Worth It

It is, but be honest about your finances.  Consider what you would be willing to spend on a new car.  Now put that money into fixing your used luxury vehicle and you will be making an excellent investment in a luxury car that can conceivably run for many many years.

Hint: Much like their frighteningly scary folklore, German cars are made to last forever.  If you know your luxury car has been taken care of, then you already have a solid foundation to build on.  It will become your labor of love and you will never regret that.