Three Unexpected Factors That Could Ruin Your Car’s Exterior

March 25th, 2016 by



Car owners obsess over their vehicle’s looks (sometimes to a fault). You’ll constantly see them washing their windows or buffing the body. Sure, this keeps your car looking fresh, but various exterior stains are inevitable.

However, there are several liquids and materials that can unexpectedly compromise your vehicle’s paint job. For instance, did you know a sprinkler could ruin your exterior? How about bug guts or bird poop?

Continue reading below to see the elements that you should be avoiding. This way, you won’t have to dish out a lot of money to have your exterior serviced at a car repair shop


Gasoline Spills

I always tend to be in a rush whenever I have to stop for gas, and as a result, I’m a bit sloppy when I’m refilling my tank. It isn’t out of the ordinary for me to drip some of the liquid onto my car’s body. No harm done, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, gasoline is made up of stubborn chemicals that cannot be simply removed from your vehicle’s exterior. If you do happen to make a bit of a spill, it’s best to wash the area with instant detailer and a microfiber cloth as soon as possible. Of course, it’s best to just be vigilant about where you’re swinging that gas hose.



I’m sure we’ve all thought the same thing when we’ve parked next to a sprinkler: “Score!” The water will provide a makeshift car wash, and you’ll return to a fresh and sparkling vehicle.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it works. That water isn’t pure like rain water or full of cleaning chemicals like a car wash. The water from the sprinkler is going to spray all over your exterior, and when it dries, you’ll find that the tiny spots have stained your paint. Plus, if these water stains are directly in the sunlight, you may find that they’re imprinted permanently.


Natural Elements

Now these factors are pretty hard to avoid, but it’s still helpful to recognize the damage they can do to your car’s body. For example, bugs’ insides are acidic, so when they’re stuck to your exterior, they’ll probably leave their mark. The same goes for bird poop, as the acid can ruin the paint job. Whenever you find yourself with these specific stains, make sure to wash them as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, tree sap can have a negative effect on your vehicle. Not only is the sticky substance extremely hard to remove, but it can also stain your paint. The best solution for removing the sap is tar remover, which should dissolve the liquid.

As we mentioned, some of these elements are absolutely unavoidable, but you can avoid long-lasting stains by washing these blemishes as soon as you’ve arrived home. While a bird turd or a dribble of gasoline may seem harmless, it can actually compromise the exterior of your vehicle.

This will be rather important if you decide to eventually sell the vehicle, and based on the stains, you may find that the entire exterior has been compromised! Don’t run into these issues. Be proactive and wash your vehicle if you want to avoid body damage!

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