Three Adequately-Priced Car Repairs

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No one ever looks forward to getting their car repaired. After all, it can be quite the hassle, as customers should expect to wait around a mechanic for at least an hour. Furthermore, it can be pricey to fix your vehicle, and sometimes the fix doesn’t justify the financial investment.

Luckily, there are several repairs that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. When it comes to these inexpensive parts, you really have no excuse not to get them fixed. If your vehicle seems to be struggling, see how you can easily replace the faulty parts by visiting an auto parts store in Albany, New York

A/C Leaks


This is a tougher car problem to gauge, as a driver would rarely see the impact a leak has while they’re driving. All they’ll notice is some liquid coming from under their parked vehicle, and since their car seems to be operating just fine, there’s no rush to get it fixed.

That’s not a good strategy, as writes, especially since these types of fixes can be as cheap as $50 (although be aware of leak repairs that cost $100 to $200). Plus, the repair will be relatively painless, as mechanics are used to seeing this type of issue. One manager of a repair shop estimated that 80-percent of the car issues he sees has to do with leaks.

You’ll typically see these types of leaks in your car’s air conditioning unit, and they can often be fixed by replacing a broken gasket or old hose.



The compressor is essential to your vehicle’s operations, as the pump “compresses and circulates the refrigerant through the system,” allowed cabin heat to escape to the outside. When this system fails, the issue can usually be attributed to the magnetic clutch, which helps operate the compressor when the air conditioning is turned on.

The part is essential to the air condition unit, so you should expect it to cost you around $500 to fix. Of course, considering the important of the part, that’s not an unreasonable investment, especially if the potential issue could compromise your car.

Contaminated System


We might as well stick with the air conditioning system while we’re at it. If you’re A/C unit had been to exposed to multiple refrigerants, you should expect it to be contaminated. Different types of refrigerants (R-12 and R-134a are the most common) shouldn’t be mixed, and your system could be compromised if this happens.

To fix the issue, the entire system needs to be flushed and recharged, and a number of parts could need to be replaced ( points to the compressor, condenser, evaporator and dryer).

Luckily, if you’re stuck with this issue, it should only set you back about $300.


You don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket when it comes to repairing these car issues. Sure, there are plenty of automotive fixes that will set you way back financially, but you’ll be happy to know that that’s not the case with every repair.

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