The Sports Utility Milieu of the New Millennium

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Chevy SUV

Within 20 years of Chevy becoming a part of General Motors in 1918, Chevy introduced its first Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Chevy’s first SUV boasted off-road capabilities, offered seating for eight, and weighed in at about one and a half tons.

In contrast, the expanded Chevy 2018 SUV options are: Equinox, Suburban, Tahoe, Traverse, and Trax, and these models offer everything from built-in collision mitigation systems to seat warmers. Chevrolet continues to surpass car buyers’ expectations by creating a batch of vehicles to match the diverse lifestyles of twenty-first-century drivers. The eloquent evolution of the Chevy SUV coincides with the 100-year birthday of the relentless motor company.


Flat Fenders and Four-Wheel Drive

The Suburban Carryall, Chevy’s first SUV, was innovative enough to require additional horsepower in its next model. This prompted the arrival of the Stonebolt inline engine. Stonebolt’s additional cylinders and unprecedented 75-horsepower capabilities propelled the popularity of the second generation model into the late 1950s. While engine technology improved the popularity of the vehicle among military transport efforts during World War II, most drivers still used the traditional station wagon for family adventures. The Chevy Suburban sold mainly to drivers who needed a truck for work or for military transport efforts until the late 1950s. In 1995, Chevy produced the fifth-generation Suburban, which featured sleek, flat fenders instead of the rounded style from the first generations, and—in 1957— the four-wheel drive was newly available. Also, the V-8 engine was offered for the fifth-generation model.

The sixth generation debuted in 1960, with a return to rounded edges and a retro style that had first appeared in models from the 1950s and earlier. The wraparound windshield and groundbreaking engine horsepower matched the combination of vision and nostalgia present in the first Suburban. Drivers could select between the 1-6 and the small-block V-8 engine; by the arrival of the seventh generation in 1967, front disc brakes were included in the new design. Innovation for the Chevy legend peaked by this point, and the eighth generation would remain mostly untouched for nearly 20 years, with the exception of refining transmission and fuel-injection technology. The eighth-generation body style remains the most recognizable for its resilience and performance throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

The early 1990s saw a redesign for Chevy’s famous Suburban model. The ninth version of the Suburban included added security features, driver’s side airbags, and a variety of engine options for drivers. With its proven staying power and added technology, the Chevy SUV became a legend in design, safety, and practicality for the adventurous single driver or the traveling family. The Suburban had arrived as an accessible vehicle for a variety of functions to an array of audiences. Chevy added all-wheel drive to the Suburban in 1998. Generation 1- of the Suburban was produced in 2000 and reached its highest level of performance yet. Twenty-first-century technology continued to refine Chevy’s longtime favorite for sport utility adventures on the road. Chevy added greater horsepower, revamped both the interior and exterior design, and improved braking options.


A Diamond in the Rough (Terrain)

Generation 11 of the Suburban debuted in 2007 with a newly designed fascia bumper instead of the traditional chrome that had been used for 75 years. The Chevy Suburban continues to be hailed as the original model for family fun on the road.

Chevy’s current array of SUVs range in style and color but remain authentic to the original standard of quality and safety found in the first SUV from the 1930s. The 2018 Chevy Suburban sets the bar high with its most innovative safety features to date. The 2018 model offers an OnStar crash response system that assures optimum safety for driver and passengers. The OnStar system includes: Automatic Crash Response, Crisis Assist, Emergency Services, Hands-Free Calling, Remote Door Lock, Remote Horns and Lights, Remote Ignition Block, Roadside Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, and Vehicle Diagnostics. These OnStar additives offer the most reliable transportation experience available in the twenty-first century.

Safety, reliability, and comfort are the foremost priorities for drivers in the new millennium, Chevy responds by continuously implementing safety options of the highest standard. With regard to comfort, Chevy Suburban delivers with up-to-date audio/visual technology to entertain passengers for long hours on the road. The Bose audio system and Apple technology command the computer system in the latest Suburban model. These names add reliability as well as comfort to the Chevy riding experience. Comfort and quality combined define the Chevy name with each current model.


Unity in Reliability

In addition to the Suburban, Chevy has responded to lifestyle demand with SUVs that reflect the diversity of twenty-first-century motorists. Chevy 2018 offers Equinox, Suburban, Tahoe, Traverse, and Trax SUVs to bring the most satisfying driving experience to as many consumers as possible. All five SUVs reflect the quality and safety of the Chevy name, but they are diverse in their stylistic appeal to drivers.

  • The Equinox—debuted in 2004—earns the distinguished title of Chevy’s first crossover design; a model positioned on a passenger car frame that performs as an SUV in all other areas. The Equinox name epitomizes the concept of performance and navigation in this crossover experience.
  • The Chevy Tahoe delivers the same Chevy performance but distinguishes itself as a sporty vehicle that provides comfort for families. Chevy Tahoe first debuted in 1992 and continues to evolve as a high-performance contender among SUVs.
  • Chevy introduced its fourth SUV in 2009—the Traverse, which offers drivers fuel economy options never before possible for SUVs. Like the Equinox, the Chevy Traverse is a crossover SUV, which combines passenger comfort with all-wheel drive safety.
  • Chevy’s final SUV model offers the most compact reliability. The Trax offers seating for five and is the smallest crossover model available to drivers. Chevy Trax debuted in 2015 and has earned its notable rank among high-performance crossover vehicles in the Chevy family.

As the American driver has evolved in preferred style, fuel economy, and safety demands, Chevy has reflected this evolution in its conception of quality. The original Suburban created the climate for performance and ingenuity that Chevy has rendered true for 86 years. Chevy’s continued commitment to visionary safety options combined with extraordinary driving experiences has made the Chevy name a leader in both tradition of quality and leadership. Chevy continues to advance the level of quality in each model crafted for drivers and passengers.

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