The 5 Coolest Auto Parts To Upgrade

June 25th, 2016 by


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When it comes to making your car really stand out on the road, you’ve pretty much got two options: buy a really expensive car, or upgrade your current car into something that even those luxury models can’t touch – and if you do it smart, you can do it at a fraction of the price. But those looking for auto parts in Albany, NY who are just getting into the car modding game might not be totally sure where to start.

When it comes to making your factory model into a monster on the road, on the racetrack, and on a rocky mountain, there a few key places to start. Here’s a look at five of them, and a few ideas as to how to boost your style without busting your budget.

Wheels and Tires

Want to turn heads as you burn some serious rubber? You’re gonna need specialty tires for that. Whether you choose the smooth, summer-only racing tires or the huge off-roaders good for powering through mud, there’s plenty of options out there to fit your lifestyle. And don’t forget to upgrade those rims – between the classic spinners and new alloy options, there’s plenty of styles out there to make your car look cooler than ever.


If you’ve got those rocky ridges and off-road climbs on your mind, think about upgrading your suspension a few inches. A suspension boost can seriously improve your ability to climb and take on harder landings with no fear of underbody damage. Your lifted SUV or truck will sit higher and ride better over rough terrain, plus you’ll be able to take on dangers like high waters with a better degree of confidence – and it doesn’t hurt that a lifted car looks pretty cool too.


Boosting your exhaust system doesn’t just make your car look and sound like a top-tier sports car, it can also have a marked effect on your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Installing an updated exhaust system that minimizes bends and provides a wider pipe for exhaust gases to escape helps to decrease back pressure, improve your engine’s performance, and decrease particulate output from your engine. Plus, you’ll gain that enviable roar as you peel down the street, adding the muscular element to any modded car.


Upgrading your hood is generally an aesthetic choice, and not a bad one at that – with tons of new carbon-fiber and sculpted options, it is possible to find a new hood that adds a distinct style without looking tacky. But if you’ve done extensive engine work already or simply want to boost your performance, consider looking into a hood scoop air intake, which helps provide cooling air to your engine to better regulate temperature. This improves engine performance at high temperatures – and manages to add a cool flair to your car’s front hood.


This one may get some groans, but adding on race-style pedals can have a serious effect on how you feel in the cockpit. These sleek, often metal or carbon fiber pedals bring a neat detail to your own personal space in the vehicle, and those kinds of details really make the modded car a complete package. Plus, you might even find you prefer the feeling of a pedal built to be used at high speeds.

So if you’re ready to turn your standard cruiser into a race-ready ride that’s sure to turn heads on the street, consider these basic mods and remember – there’s no limit to how cool your car can be.