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2016 Chevy Cruze


The Chevy Cruze has had a major impact on the compact car division since it first joined the popular segment for the 2009 model year. Intuitively designed to deliver a functional and fun driving experience, the Cruze was an instant success for Chevy in Albany, NY and around the rest of the country. The Chevrolet Cruze has only one generation under its belt – but with the recent announcement of the 2016 Cruze model, that is all changing.


Chevy Announces 2016 Cruze


Back in June of this year, the bowtie brand made the official announcement regarding their plans for the second generation Cruze. Chevy provided a general blueprint for what the new Cruze would include, and how it would change from the first generation into the next. While this relatively vague outpouring of information got us all looking forward to the release of the 2016 Cruze, recent news has surfaced that has us even more giddy.

Chevrolet also announced its plans for the Cruze to come to the U.S. market sometime in early 2016, but again, this vagueness left us wanting more. As the days, weeks, and months have ticked by, we have been given minor glimpses into what else Chevy has in store for its 2016 Cruze.


New Price + Standard Features = Best Deal in the Segment


2016 Chevy Cruze


In November, Chevrolet disclosed the starting MSRP for the newest version of the popular compact car, which was surprisingly less than the latest 2016 Cruze Limited model. The 2016 Cruze will start at a base price of $17,495, and will top the sticker price charts at a still affordable $23,995.

While this price may seem striking next to the starting price of the 2015 Cruze of $16,170 – the second generation compact car comes with more standard features and technology. Most noteworthy, is the inclusion of Chevy’s MyLink radio system on every Cruze model. Also included is a 7-inch diagonal infotainment screen, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay, for seamless smartphone integration while on the go. All 2016 Cruze models will also include class-exclusive OnStar 4G LTE with a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a standard rearview camera. Essentially, no matter where you end up in your new Chevy Cruze, you will be able to safely and easily stay connected.

With all of these new standard technological offerings, it is more forgivable that the 2016 Cruze starts off a little over $1,000 more than the previous model year. To make things even more acceptable, we would also be remiss not to point out that the 2016 Cruze starts off $2,000 lower than the 2016 Honda Civic. One of the Cruze’s top competitors, the Civic does not include any of the technology that the new Cruze comes standard with.

In the never-ending battle to be the best in the segment, it seems that the new Chevy Cruze has a major leg up in the compact car category.


Everything Old is New Again


Chevrolet gave the second generation a major overhaul for the 2016 model year. Completely redesigned, reengineered, and reimagined from the ground up, the 2016 Cruze is everything we love in the old model, but made entirely new.


Lighter and Larger for Increased Efficiency


2016 Chevy Cruze


For starters, General Motors and Chevrolet managed to create the new Cruze to be larger in size, and yet lighter than the 2015 version. The larger size of the compact car helps increase rear knee room by two whole inches, offering a more comfortable and spacious interior cabin without sacrificing other elements important to a compact car. The lighter overall weight of the car also helps with the fuel economy ratings, which GM estimates to be around 40 miles per gallon on the highway.


New Base Engine Delivers Powerful Performance


The 2016 Cruze is built on a new D2XX platform, which increases the overall handling, agility, and performance of the compact car. A brand new turbocharged 1.4-liter LE2 Ecotec engine comes standard, and features direct-injection technology for an impressive 153 horsepower rating. This base engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission, while drivers can opt for a six-speed automatic if they prefer it over the manual.


Comprehensive Safety Features for Added Confidence


The 2016 Cruze is set to offer a unique combination of both active and passive safety features, which will work together to deliver optimum confidence behind the wheel. The standard and available features will help prevent a collision from occurring, and works to protect all passengers, in the event that a collision does takes place. With the standard OnStar Safety system, the 2016 Cruze will automatically respond if a crash happens. Check out three of these newly added safety features to the 2016 Cruze:

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert

    This available technology works by monitoring traffic via radar sensors, and visually warns the driver of potential hazards while backing up. The standard rearview camera works in sync with this safety system.

  • Lane Keep Assist

    Another optional safety feature, this technology warns the driver if it senses the vehicle straying from its intended lane of traffic, without the use of a turn signal indicator. This feature will send auditory warnings to the driver, before steering the vehicle back in place if no corrective action is sensed from the driver.

  • Forward Collision Alert

    Completely new, this system sends out warnings if the driver is following a vehicle too closely, or if a forward collision is imminent.

Each one of these systems work together, to create one of the safest experiences behind the wheel of the Chevy Cruze.


Four Trim Level Options


2016 Chevy Cruze


The 2016 Cruze will be available in four different trim levels. Starting out at the base L, then moving to the LS, LT, and the top of the line Premier model. The base LS is the only 2016 Cruze model to come standard with a manual transmission, while all other trims come with the automatic six-speed.

Special edition models of the second generation Cruze are also expected from Chevy, but have yet to be announced. Until more information becomes available, all we can do is speculate, and patiently await the arrival of the most impressive Cruze model ever made.


Arriving at Dealerships SOON


Chevrolet has yet to officially announce when the 2016 Cruze will arrive in dealer showrooms across the United States, but we expect to see the Cruze before spring of 2016. With only a few more months to go, we are eagerly anticipating its arrival here at DePaula Chevrolet. Here at DePaula, we have great end of the year savings, ready to share with you on all types of Chevrolet models. Whether you are wanting to wait for the new Cruze, or check out the models we have in stock – our dedicated sales team can help!

Be sure to come see us here in Albany, NY, and take the 2016 Cruze Limited model for a test drive. While it is not actually the newly redesigned version of the Cruze, it does offer a refreshed edition to the 2015 Cruze. The 2016 Cruze Limited model does not offer the diesel engine option that the outgoing lineup did, but it is still a vehicle worth taking for a spin.

Check back with us here on our blog to receive the latest news regarding the 2016 Cruze, and all other things Chevy related. We hope to see you down at DePaula Chevrolet very soon!

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