Simple Tire Buying Guide Everyone Should Follow

June 4th, 2015 by

Buying tires in Albany, NY is enough to drive some people crazy. Others, however, those who know which steps to follow, never run into trouble along the way. They know what they are looking for, where to find the best deal, and how to put this process in the past once and for all.

It doesn’t matter if you have purchased tires in the past or are doing so for the first time, you know there are a few challenges that are sure to come up along the way. How you deal with these challenges, how you answer questions, will go a long way in determining which tires you purchase and whether or not you are happy when everything is said and done.

If you want to get the most out of your buying experience, here are four simple tips to follow:

  • Think about safety above all else. Just the same as anything with your vehicle, you want to purchase tires based on safety. Which tires have the best rating? From braking to handling, you need to know the answer to this question.
  • Know the warranty inside and out. There are many details to consider when buying tires, including the length of the warranty. You want to make sure you are getting something in return for your money. It is likely you will never make a warranty claim, but you never know for sure.
  • Shop around. Tires prices can and will vary from one location to the next. Our service department, for example, is well known for having one of the largest selection of affordable tires in the Albany area.
  • Buy new, not used. It is easy to look at used tires and understand that making a purchase could save you a few dollars. But is this something you really want to do? Not only will it impact how long the tires last, but you could be taking a safety risk as well.

When you follow this quick tire buying guide, you will find yourself well on your way to making an informed decision. It will not be long before you are riding down the street on four new tires, feeling good about your purchase and realizing that you are safer than ever before.

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