Pros and Cons of Generic and Brand Name Auto Parts

October 12th, 2015 by

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For a lot of customer’s, price is the determining factor when figuring which auto body parts to use. For other’s it’s quality. Sometimes, quality is the compromise for price. There are both pros and cons when deciding car parts, Albany, NY should use. Let’s look at what the are to help decipher which is best for you!

Brand Name

Pro: When you buy a brand name product you are paying for the name attached and the reputation that comes along with the quality of that specific brand name. The quality is going to be guaranteed because a reputation is at stake. To ensure that, these parts often come already guaranteed or with an optional to purchase a warranty.  

Con: Because these parts are top quality, they’re going to be more costly. Brand names are notoriously more expensive than generic parts.


Pro:  OEM’s are also going to be top quality parts. Being the original equipment that the manufacturer is using, you know you are getting the best in quality for two reasons: Brand name reputation and warranty. A brand name, like Chevy or Toyota is not about to let their reputation be tarnished by putting shoddy parts on their vehicles. At least, that’s what we count on.
Also, when the vehicle is still under warranty, OEM’s guarantee the quality of their engineering for duration of said warranty, or at least they hope to. If you are in their shop for repairs before the warranty expires, that means they are paying for their own parts and service. So, they’ll use the best parts to ensure you get a quality vehicle, but also because they’d rather your vehicle last as long as it can without repairing or servicing it for free.

Con: Because your car will be receiving OEM parts installed by professional trained and certified technicians, it’s going to cost you significantly more than going to a garage down the road who isn’t going to use OEMs. If you go to that mechanic down the road, they will quote you a price that won’t reflect the use of OEM’s or even brand name parts. If you prefer the use brand name auto parts be prepared for a higher cost upon pick up.  


Pro: The obvious answer here is generic auto parts cost the least. They are plentiful because they are mass produced and shipped to auto body stores worldwide. There is no special ordering so there is not waiting.

Con: It’s a risk. You don’t know what kind of quality you are going to get. New standards for automotive industry require regulations are met, but you won’t have the insurance of knowing there is a name, guarantee or reputation to back up a generic auto body part.