3 OnStar Features You May Not Have Heard Of

April 28th, 2015 by

Anyone who’s ever shopped for a GM car has likely been introduced to OnStar, the company’s in-car subscription service that provides a wide array of auto services to help and protect drivers. Among the most familiar is turn-by-turn navigation, automatic crash response, and vehicle security.

But there are plenty of features you may not have heard of, which bring even more value to the subscription service. Whether you’re on the fence or just want to learn more, here are three great OnStar features you may not have heard of yet!

OnStar RemoteLink

RemoteLink is OnStar’s mobile app, and can be extremely handy in many different situations. It can remote start and unlock your vehicle (just like your regular key fob), signal the horn/lights, and tap into real-time vehicle diagnostics (oil life, range, and tire pressure).

For Volt or other electric hybrid owners, you can check battery life of your vehicle and find nearby charging stations.

You can even use the Map Services feature to send directions to your navigation unit, which can sometimes be more convenient than waiting on a representative to send them to your vehicle.

Call to Find Car in Crowded Lot

While this is also a feature of the RemoteLink app, those without it can call OnStar ( 888-4-ONSTAR/1-888-466-7827) and someone will signal your car’s horn and lights to help you locate it.

That means if you parked somewhere in a hurry, got lost for hours shopping at the mall, or attended an event without a standard parking lot, you don’t have to worry.

And when it comes to your car, one less thing to worry about is always welcome!

Monthly Vehicle Diagnostics

Keeping your vehicle running smoothly is at the top of most of our priorities list. After all, it’s what gets us to work, helps us pick up our kids, and generally saves us the time of walking or taking other (slower) modes of transportation.

OnStar’s vehicle diagnostics are a lifesaver for those of us with little to no knowledge about our cars, and for people who lead busy lifestyles and need peace of mind.

Recently, I signed up for a pre-owned trial with OnStar and received my first monthly diagnostic report. It let me know that the following systems were working:

  • Engine and Transmission
  • Emissions
  • Air Bags
  • StabiliTrack (stability control)
  • Antilock Brakes
  • OnStar (obviously!)

Beyond the other basics like remaining oil life and mileage, which I can access anytime in my car, it let me know that my cabin air filter is due to be replaced at 22,500 miles (only 1,000 miles away). I thought that was really cool, as I wasn’t even thinking about it.

Overall, I’m not sure if I’ll keep OnStar once my trial expires, but there is a possibility I could be eligible for an insurance discount thanks to my driving habits.

If you buy a new or pre-owned GM car, you’ll receive a free trial, so give it a try and see if it helps you in your day-to-day life!

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