(Not So) Hot Take Alert: The Silverado 3500HD Is the Best Pickup in the Industry

September 29th, 2017 by

If you’re currently in the market for a pickup, then you’ve presumably come across dozens of articles that claim a specific model is the “best in the industry.” Often times, these “hot takes” are filled with hyperbole, and the sentiment isn’t backed up by any definitive features or specs.

Well, we’re going to come out and say that the 2017 Chevy Silverado 3500HD is the most impressive pickup in the industry. Of course, we’re going to back up this take with legitimate details that help confirm our point. Continue reading to see why the pickup is indeed the top offering. Then, you’ll know what vehicle you want to pursue when you head into Chevy dealers


Reason #1: Performance

We all like options, especially when it comes to building your brand-new vehicle. Unfortunately, Chevy only provides customers with one single gas engine option when they’re building their new Silverado 3500HD. Of course, if you’re familiar with how impressive Chevy’s engineering actually is, you’ll quickly realize that this a big deal.

The Vortex 6.0-liter V8 engine is one of the most impressive offerings in the entire class, as drivers can anticipate a whole lot of muscle from these units. The system cranks out an impressive 360 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque, which should be more than enough power to overcome any of your fellow drivers. If you’re going to be relying on your pickup for the work site, then you’ll surely appreciate that these power specs translate into a 14,600-pound towing capacity.

However, if drivers are seeking a bit more power, they could opt for the alternative Duramax 6.6-liter Turbo-Diesel engine, which takes the muscular specs to a whole new level. Drivers can anticipate a best-in-class 445 horsepower from this unit, as well as an awe-inspiring 910 pounds-feet of torque. These upgraded numbers have a positive impact on the towing specs, as owners can anticipate a 23,300-pound hauling capacity when their truck is equipped with the Duramax engine. While you’ll have to spend some extra money at the gas pump, it might be worth the investment.

Fortunately, Chevy designed their pickup truck so it would accommodate all of this power. The Digital Steering Assist function makes it incredibly to easy to control your pickup, especially when you’re capitalizing on the vehicle’s towing ability. The brand also included their Trailering Camera System, meaning you can monitor your hauled goods at all times, and the Trailer Sway Control, which assures that your trailer will remain on the same path as the Silverado. Owners can even have access to the Diesel Exhaust Brake System, which will add some extra stoppage power when traveling downhill.


Reason #2: Storage

While we’ve already detailed how capable of a hauler the 2017 Silverado 3500HD is, you might not even need to take advantage of these capabilities. After all, the vehicle makes it incredibly easy for owners to store any cargo directly in the truck bed. Thanks to the spray-in bed liner, owners won’t have to worry about the exterior getting scratched or dented due to unsecured equipment, although that probably wouldn’t be a concern thanks to the Silverado’s tie-down hooks.

Chevy even provided amenities that will make storing that cargo even easier. For instance, the bed is equipped with LED lighting, meaning you can easily access the area at any time of night. The inclusion of the CornerStep rear bumper also means you won’t struggle to climb into the truck bed if it’s required.


Reason #3: Interior

It’s evident that the 2017 Silverado 3500HD is one of the most intimidating trucks in the entire industry. While it may have a rugged persona, the interior is as opulent as it could possibly get. Engineers designed the cabin to cater to the driver, and owners will quickly appreciate that many of the accompanying gadgets are right within reach. If you opt for the High Country trim, you’ll also be impressed with the inclusion of either Jet Black or “Saddle” premium leather.

Of course, we’re sure you’re focused on the technological amenities, and the Silverado delivers in this regard. The vehicle’s seven- or eight-inch color touch-screen provides easy access to the Chevrolet MyLink system, which will vicariously guide you to an assortment of useful applications. The unit can also sync with your smartphone, allowing you to make phone calls or listen to your favorite playlists. Plus, you can keep the gadget charged at all times thanks to the inclusion of the wireless charging dock and USB ports (as well as the accompanying power outlets). If drivers do want to jam out to their favorite tunes, then they should consider opting for the incredible Bose premium audio system.

There are several additional technological amenities that occupants will also appreciate. The 4.2-inch Driver Information Center will prove to be an essential inclusion, as it displays notable information (including fuel efficiency and speed) right in front of the driver. The 4G LTE Wi-Fi is another useful feature, as occupants will constantly have access to a reliable wireless internet connection.


Reason #4: Safety

You’re going to have to spend a pretty penny on your new Silverado, so you presumably won’t want to find yourself in an accident. Fortunately, the truck is equipped with a number of features that will help prevent accidents. The Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and the Safety Alert Driver Seat should prevent devastating crashes on the highway, while the rear vision camera and Front and Rear Park Assist will reduce the chance of a fender bender. In the event that you find yourself in a crash, the truck’s protective safety functions, including the six air bags, should keep occupants secure. Drivers can also rely on the OnStar Automatic Crash Response system, which will quickly connect them with emergency personnel.

Perhaps the most notable safety inclusion is the Teen Driver Technology. This unit will assure that your child is operating their Silverado safely, and it is also intended to promote safe driving habits. At the end of a journey, parents can even access the in-vehicle report card to see whether the teen was operating the vehicle properly.

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