Chevy Adds New Feature to myChevrolet App

March 12th, 2019 by

Car Finder Feature Added to myChevrolet Mobile App

Chevy has added another feature to the myChevrolet Mobile App to help consumers find their vehicle or check the location of a loved one in their Chevy vehicle.

It’s called the Vehicle Locate feature and it serves as an extra means of security.

The myChevrolet App is designed to put your smartphone in the command center of your Chevy vehicle, even if you aren’t near it.

This tailored solution keeps you in touch with your vehicle. The newest feature for the mobile app is no different.

Vehicle Locate allows Chevy owners to designate up to 10 people that can check the current location of the Chevy.

Finding Your Car Just Got Easier

Whether you’ve forgotten where you parked your Chevy or someone has borrowed your vehicle and you want to see where they are, Vehicle Locate via the myChevrolet Mobile App is the solution we’ve needed for so long.

Through the app, you or a designated person can pinpoint the whereabouts of the Chevy vehicle. While it isn’t a constant tracking system, it can certainly come in handy if you’ve forgotten which street you parked on while visiting a new city.

Updating the myChevrolet App on your mobile device will show the new Vehicle Locate feature.

Once the app is updated, a boundary zone can be designated for the vehicle.

The custom zone can be as wide as a 20-mile radius, or as specific as an address. A prompt can then be set in the app to notify as many as 10 people when the vehicle either enters or leaves the designated boundary.

Each person you choose to receive these alerts will have to opt-in first before receiving a message.

Compatible with most Apple® and Android™ devices, the latest feature is available for 2012 Chevy models through the current model year. It also comes bundled with the Remote Access Plan.

The latest mobile app feature will replace the web-based Family Link option powered by the GM OnStar in-vehicle safety system.

Man holding a white Android cellphone with myChevrolet app on the screen looking for his Chevy vehicle in a city

myChevrolet Mobile App Features

The Vehicle Locate feature is only a mere glimpse into the capabilities of the myChevrolet app.

Other features and capabilities include:

  • How-To Videos: Learn how the features in your Chevrolet work with tutorial videos.
  • Vehicle Status: Information about tire pressure, fuel range, oil life and more can be monitored in the app.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Management: Control the Hotspot name and password for your Chevy vehicle and keep everyone connected to their devices.
  • Smart Driver: Receive insights about your driving skills and potentially qualify for insurance discounts.
  • My Rewards: Enroll and earn points that can be redeemed for services, accessories, the purchase/lease of a new vehicle and more.

Whether it’s services through the GM OnStar system, or features found in the myChevrolet Mobile App, Chevrolet sets the standard for technological innovations keeping drivers and passengers safe and connected to what’s important to them.

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