Just Say No: A Pickup Truck Owner’s Guide to Turning Down Moving Requests

February 17th, 2017 by

Have you always wanted to own a reliable pickup truck, but have hesitated due to the fact that you know you will become a personal moving service for your distant friends and closest family members? One of the hardest parts of pickup truck ownership is feeling like your newfound “friends” and twice-removed relatives expect you to haul, transport, and tow their belongings from one apartment complex to the next. From picking up a large piece of playground equipment from a shady Craigslist seller for your next door neighbor, to moving your second cousin’s daughter into her college dorm downstate – the requests seem endless. Unfortunately, this comes with the territory of pickup truck ownership and is hard to avoid. As the most seasoned truck owners will tell you, the benefits of pickup ownership far outweigh the negative aspects. Don’t let these potential requests for service stop you from looking for used trucks to buy. Instead, buy that truck and learn to just say no!

Don’t Let that Pickup Truck Turn You Into a Pushover

Having a friend with a pickup truck is the adult version of having a friend with a pool as a kid. Regardless of how infrequently we saw that friend September through May, as soon as the hot weather hit, they were our best friend. Those days spent poolside was more than worth the occasional phone call or get together during the colder months, and as an adult who wants a pickup truck – you suddenly feel bad for your childhood friend. Now, it seems, the shoe is on the other foot. Slipping behind the wheel of your very first pickup truck has transformed you into the neighborhood kid, who became instantly popular when that summer sun started to heat up the asphalt basketball courts and playgrounds. After your friends, family, and extended friends and family on Facebook learned of your newly acquired pickup truck, your phone began buzzing, ringing, and singing its way into service – round the clock schlepping service, that is. People whom you have not heard from in years, are suddenly wondering if you are “free” over the weekend to help their neighbor’s son move into his new apartment across town, or whether you can squeeze in a treadmill transfer on your lunch break. Your pickup truck has turned you into everyone else’s personal moving professional, and by the time the first week of ownership has wrapped – you are over it.

Whether you are a part of this scenario already or are considering what purchasing a new pickup truck will do to your social life, don’t fret. With a good amount of willpower and a whole lot of perseverance, you can stop yourself from becoming a personal moving professional before you ever start.

Just Say NO

There are a million applications for pickup truck ownership, including moving large objects that lesser vehicles simply cannot handle. While this is great news for your personal needs and the needs of those you love, it can quickly turn into a nightmare as soon as others find out about your new ride. As an outsider without a pickup truck, I can tell you that the list of reasons why people might think they are entitled to your services are vast. Check out a few of them below:

  • I Can’t Afford to Hire a Mover! – These people will give you a sob story outlining, in fine detail, why you and your pickup truck are their only hope. They will play on your heartstrings, desperate for a solution to their financial moving woes. As sympathetic as you may be, don’t give in! If this person can’t afford to move, then maybe he or she shouldn’t be moving. Short of offering up that jewel of wisdom, simply be unavailable on the dates in which they may need you. Be prepared, these people are persistent. They will offer up various dates that will work, so have a long list of excuses on hand. Whether your dog needs his teeth cleaned that day or your nanny’s birthday party is that weekend, memorize a list of excuses to ensure success.
  • This Dresser On Craigslist is AMAZING, But I Need Help Moving It! – (Sigh). This person is perhaps the most persistent out of any other pickup truck moocher. He or she feels a sense of entitlement because his or her situation is one of desperation and newfound hope. Folks like this will secure what they believe to be a dream dresser, or bed, or kitchen table, but have no way to transport it from the seller to their own homes in time. They call, frantically explaining the situation. Someone else is going to buy my dresser! PLEASE help! As much as you may feel sympathetic to their situation, don’t give in. Chronic Craigslist hoarders will keep you on the hook for years to come every time they find a used knick knack that won’t fit in the rear of their Ford Focus. Once again – just say NO!
  • My Kid is Moving to College and Has SO MUCH STUFF! – Once again, these individuals are as desperate as they come. There is nothing more persistent than a mama bear trying to help her cub, and unfortunately, your pickup truck is considered her only option for help. In this situation, it would be wise to either point out that your neighbor’s cousin’s daughter should either hire a moving company or that she watch the Minimalism documentary on Netflix before the big moving day arrives. Whichever option she chooses doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you aren’t spending your weekend moving an entitled Millennial into her college dormitory.

Don’t let these potential scenarios scare you away from purchasing a capable used pickup truck, but instead use them as a means for preparing yourself for what will surely come when you do. Whether you are generally a grumpy Gus or a person who is always willing to help his fellow man – when you buy a pickup truck, you need to prepare for the inevitable. If you don’t, you may end up spending every weekend doing favors for people you don’t even particularly care for. Trust us.

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