Is GMC’s MultiPro Tailgate Coming To Chevy?

December 25th, 2019 by

A close up of a red Chevy tailgate that says 'Chevrolet' on it.

The competition between truck manufacturers is extreme, especially for the big-three American brands of General Motors, Ford, and Ram. These three companies continuously try to outdo one another and get a leg up. Some of what the manufacturers do works, but others have some sizeable flaws (see Ford’s aluminum paneling). So when General Motors rolled out its MultiPro tailgate on its GMC trucks with the 2019 editions, it instantly caught the truck world’s attention. Yet GM only released the feature on its General Motors Company lineup of pickups, which begs the question, is a MultiPro tailgate coming to Chevy? Before you start typing in “Chevy dealer near me” in the search engine to see first hand, here is what you need to know.

Diving Into the MultiPro Tailgate And Its Features

Because the truck competition is so fierce, manufacturers will go to great lengths to protect updates and new features. That is exactly what General Motors did at its General Motors Vehicle Engineering Center in Warren, Michigan. According to the Detroit Free Press, GM’s lead integration engineer Derek Patterson said they produced a 3D printed model of the tailgate, which they would hide under lock and key. If they needed to move it to another part of the building, they would keep it hidden so non-key design members wouldn’t catch wind of the MultiPro tailgate and then let the information leak on social media.

Now, you may have seen the tailgate on other pickups that can pull out like a traditional door. This is not like that. In fact, the MultiPro tailgate is basically two tailgates built into a single design. There is the main tailgate, which folds down just like the tailgate on any pickup you’ve ever owned or driven. However, there is a secondary tailgate built within the main gate. This secondary gate gives you several specific options to alter the functionality of the tailgate.

First, you can fold it down to create an entry step into the bed of the truck. It can also be converted into a seat, which is great for when you’re out tailgating at a sporting event or just want to take a load off for a few minutes. The secondary tailgate can fold up to provide a bed extender, thus effectively giving you a longer truck bed without the need to rely on tie downs (although any truck owner will tell you it’s always a good idea to have some on hand). The MultiPro can be folded back to give you more room to move into the truck bed without climbing up, and it allows for some additional storage within the tailgate itself.

Now, the Chevy Silverado is GM’s big moneymaker. It sells more than any other vehicle in its lineup, which often means it turns to its GMC brand as a bit of a guinea pig. While the two trucks do share many of the same features, GM likes to test out new updates on the GMC Sierra before moving it over to the Colorado and Silverado. So, after coming up with the MultiPro tailgate, General Motors installed the tailgate on the SLT and Denali trims of the GMC Sierra.

The Move to Chevy: Not If But When

The MultiPro tailgate proved an overwhelming hit with truck owners. Many previous truck owners had long wanted additional customization elements within their tailgate to make accessing gear that had shifted in the truck bed easier. Some trucks allowed for the swing-door option, but that caused other problems, especially when working in close quarters. However, the MultiPro tailgate helps with grabbing gear in the truck without hopping up into the bed, and even climbing into the bed, the added step-feature on the tailgate helps ease knee strain. So, with the popularity of the feature, the next big question was whether GM would begin to implement the tailgate on the Chevy Silverado and potentially the Colorado, or if it would remain a GMC truck exclusive.

A man is using the MultiPro Tailgate on his GMC Sierra, which is a popular option at a Chevy dealer near me, as a shelf to put his ATV equipment on near Albany, NY.

Realistically the question wasn’t if General Motors would move the tailgate to Chevrolet but when. With such a popular feature, GM would never keep it away from Chevy, even if only an available trim option or available feature. After all, the 2019 model year marked the start of the Silverado’s fourth generation, and as it had just kicked off, some wondered if it wouldn’t see the new tailgate until the fifth generation, which wouldn’t come for several years (the third generation ran from 2014 through 2019, as an example).

However, as the 2020 model year started to take shape, information continued to leak regarding the MultiPro tailgate on the Chevy Silverado. This included photographs of test Silverados driving about metro Detroit with the design feature. Test models typically do not feature brand badges, but there are enough slight differences between a GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado for many truck enthusiasts to identify one from the other without branding.

If all of that wasn’t enough, GM Authority recently got its hands on the 2020 Silverado HD’s owner’s manual. Within the owner’s manual under “Keys, Doors, and Windows,” there is a section specifically for the MultiPro Tailgate, how to use it, and how to change the different settings on the tailgate.

Now, it is important to note that the owner’s manual was for the 2020 Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD. They did not have access to the Silverado 1500’s owner’s manual. However, it is important to note that the owner’s manual is often written well before any official releases, which is what looks like the case here. The current flock of 2020 models have made it to dealerships and do not yet have the MultiPro tailgate. However, with photographs of the Silverado featuring the tailgate readily available online, it is only a matter of time. The part is already engineered and available on GMC, so the question is, will it come out with the 2021 models officially, or will it be held back until the fifth generation Silverado? That’s something we’ll need to wait to find out.

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If you fell in love with the MultiPro tailgate as soon as you saw it advertised but have been waiting for it to arrive on a Chevy pickup, you will need to wait just a bit longer. The revolutionary MultiPro tailgate will come to Chevy as it has been spotted in test drives by the company, only it has not been officially released yet. Naturally, it is only a matter of time once GM released it on the GMC pickups. So if you’re interested in a MultiPro tailgate, you’ll, at least for one more year, need to stick with the top-tier GMC Sierra pickups. But for all your other pickup needs, Chevy will have you currently covered. You’ll find a wide selection of Silverado and Colorado pickups with all the trims and upgrades at our Albany, NY dealership. And with a customer service staff ready and waiting to help, there’s never been a better time to purchase a Chevy Silverado from DePaula Chevy than the present.