How to Pick the Right Engine Repair Shop

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If you’re in the market for a good engine repair shop, chances are you’re not too pleased as it is. Whether your engine is completely unusable or needs only a small adjustment, engine repair can be an intimidating prospect. The engine is literally the heart of your car and without that in working order, few other parts matter.

That’s why it’s important to know how to find a quality repair shop. When the fate of your car’s future is being left in another person’s hands, you definitely want to make sure that person knows what they are doing and will fully repair your engine as best as possible. Luckily, there are a few simple things to look for that will definitely help with your search for a suitable engine repair shop. With just a little knowledge, you can prevent a shoddy repair job and get the work done right the first time.

Know What You’re Talking About
The first and probably hardest thing to do is to try to identify the problem for yourself. With a basic knowledge of what your engine problem actually is, you can make certain that there are no major surprises when consulting with a mechanic. Nobody wants to miss an important piece of the repair or to pay for unnecessary repairs without realizing it. By taking time to try and identify the problem yourself, you’re putting an extra, albeit maybe an amateur, set of eyes on the problem – always a good idea.

Find Someone Official
You should always look for a certified auto mechanic. In most states, every auto mechanic must be registered, whether through the DMV or a third-party government oversight agency. By sticking to certified mechanics, you ensure that the person working on your engine is held to minimum quality and service standards. If a mechanic’s certification is not prominently displayed on the wall, ask to see it. If they can not produce one, it is advisable to seek out someone who actually is certified.

Keep Track of Everything
If you request it, the mechanic is legally obliged to give you a written estimate prior to any repairs. This estimate, which must list every part and its cost, the cost of labor and how it is calculated, and which parts used are not of original quality. While the drawing up of the estimate may cost a customer a “reasonable fee,” the shop may not charge the customer more than the estimated price without the customer’s permission. In some cases, this might save you some money later if certain aspects of the repair, like labor time or parts needed, go beyond the original quote.

Also, it is always a god idea to save all of your receipts, invoices, warranties, and paperwork after repairs are complete. These can be your best allies if you plan to issue a complaint about the repair job, and could help with the resale value of your car at some point down the road.

Sometimes less-than-desirable things happen and your engine might need some kind of repair, be it major or minor. Whatever the problem, it is critical to get your engine fixed before the problem becomes irreversible. Make sure to take your time choosing the right engine repair shop near you next time your engine is in need of some care.

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