How to Deal with Lengthy Car Repairs

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Getting your car repaired can be a real pain. Not only are you forced to spend a chunk of change, often unexpectedly, but you also have to give up your vehicle, meaning you’re inconvenienced due to a lack of a ride.

Occasionally you’ll run into lengthier repair jobs, which can be especially frustrating. What causes these delays, and how can you deal with them? Continue reading below to find out, and when you finally pursue a car repair service, you’ll understand why it may be taking a while…

Insurance Claim Delay

If you have auto insurance (which you presumably do), you’ll have to wait several days to hear back about your claim. Getting a head start on the entire process may seem beneficial, but you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation if you don’t follow the insurance company’s recommendations.

Your provider should guide you to a specific mechanic and a specific type of repair or maintenance. When you’ve received this notice, you can get started on repairing your vehicle. Even if it takes the company some time to respond, taking matters into your own hands isn’t worth the risk.

Car Repair Delays

Predictably, the amount of time it’s going to take for a mechanic or technician to fix your vehicle is based on the actual repair. Replacing a windshield or doing minor body work will take significantly less time than a more drastic service, like refurbishing an engine.

However, there may be instances when these repairs take even longer than you expected. What’s the holdup? There could be a variety of reasons why your mechanic isn’t completing the job in a timely manner.

Perhaps the mechanic recognized that more repairs are necessary, in which case the additional time is necessary. Or perhaps they ran into a personal issue, which would prevent them from working. These are certainly inconveniences, but they’re also unavoidable.

Some other delays could be attributed to your insurance company. If the provider hasn’t made the necessary payments to the mechanic or dealership, you may find that your vehicle will be held “hostage.” The business will surely keep your vehicle as collateral until the repair bills have been properly paid off.

How to Deal With a Delay

These longer-than-expected repairs can be frustrating, and they’re certainly going to have a negative impact on your social life. After all, you don’t have a reliable car to get around.

Depending on what’s causing the delay, you could potentially provide some assistance. If the mechanic is waiting on a specific part, you can expedite the process by securing that specific part yourself.

However, you may find that your mechanic is just generally unreliable. In these circumstances, you’re going to want to try to switch businesses as soon as possible. Talk to your insurance company about switching mechanics, and make sure you have documents to refer to.

Luckily, regardless of how long it takes to repair your vehicle, you know the end result will be positive. You’ll finally have an operating vehicle, and you should hopefully recognize an improvement in performance!

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