Get Ready For Fun In The Sun With Basic Auto Service

May 26th, 2016 by


2016 Chevy Traverse Exterior


Summertime is just around the corner and for car owners living up north, there’s no more exciting time of year. Warm roads and sunny skies offer a much-anticipated invitation to drivers everywhere to throw down the windows, rev up the engine and enjoy the feeling of the open road. But before you crack that sunroof and hop in the cockpit, make sure your vehicle is ready to roll – and that might require a little pre-summertime auto service in Albany, NY.

While most drivers might only consider wintertime preparations when it comes to car service, basic summertime maintenance can be just as important to guarantee a full season of happy driving ahead. Here’s a quick rundown of the summer maintenance you should look into before the season starts so you can be ready to go as soon as the beach starts calling.

Air Conditioner

We all know the pain of being stuck in a cramped car in the blistering heat, and how much of a lifesaver a good air conditioning system can be. For many, this has become a standard necessity in any car – and having a busted A/C system can be a serious drag. That’s why it’s smart to have your A/C system checked sometime in the late spring, to make sure everything is working properly and won’t fail midway through a hot drive.

Coolant System

Your engine is a huge piece of machinery full of explosions, hundreds of moving parts, and high-pressure systems – and as a result, things can get pretty hot. Couple this with the high heat of a long summer day and you might just be pushing your engine to the limit. That’s why it’s critical to make sure your engine has plenty of coolant in its cooling system, visible via the reservoir in the engine compartment. With plenty of coolant in the tank, your engine can successfully dissipate heat and keep going even on the hottest of summer days.


If you’ve been driving around on snow tires for a little too long this year, it’s important to switch them out for summer or all-season tires now before the weather gets too hot. Summer tires are specifically designed for warmer temperatures, and will not blow-out due to pressure when faced with the high heat of heavy performance. Change them soon and you won’t be left stranded with torn rubber all over the road – unless you like that sort of thing.


Nothing beats feeling the fresh breeze whipping through your car on a warm summer day. Remember, as a kid, the feeling of holding your hand out the window and letting the wind blow between your fingers? Well, none of that is going to happen if your windows aren’t working – so make sure they’re in good condition before the weather gets warm and you’ll be all set.


Winter is tough on your battery, and exposure to wet and cold temperatures could weaken your battery’s charge over time. As the weather warms up, make sure your battery is holding a full charge and has no buildup around the terminals. Otherwise, it might be time to change out your battery for the summer ahead.

So if you plan on getting out there this summer and enjoying the simple pleasure of driving on a warm and sunny day, make sure to get your summer vehicle maintenance taken care of soon – and then don’t forget to have some fun in the sun.