Get to Know Chevy’s New Supercar: Chevy Corvette ZR1

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2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1
What exactly is a supercar? The Oxford English Dictionary defines a supercar as a high-performance sports car. The Chevy Corvette ZR1 is all of that and more. It is powerful and safe, speedy and smart, sporty and luxurious. Plus, the hefty 6.2-liter V8 engine is rather astounding and completely visible while driving the Corvette, due to the carbon-fiber hood and the fact that the actual engine is protruding through the hood itself.

The ZR1 comes available in 10 different colors. The Sebring Orange version stands out in a crowd and comes complete with orange stitching in the interior of the vehicle as well as bright orange exterior paint. Other parts that come in orange include the brake calipers, rocker, and splitter accent stripes.

Power Redefined

Chevy probably chose to highlight the engine, allowing it to show through the hood because they are proud of the ZR1’s performance, design, and capability. Giving drivers a whopping 755 horsepower and a staggering 715 pound-feet of torque, and going from zero to 60 in precisely 2.85 seconds, it’s obvious why the engine is the star of the show. Everyone expected the top model of the new line of Chevy Corvettes to be fast, but the ZR1 blew folks away, reaching a top speed of just over 215 miles per hour on the track. The real reason the design includes a protruding engine sticking out of the middle of the hood is that the behemoth is capped with a Roots-type supercharger that stands almost three inches taller than the other 2019 Corvette engine options, such as the one on the Z06.

In order to accommodate the power and size of the new engine, and to keep the temperature gauge from going through the roof, Chevy had to up their cooling devices as well. There are 12 heat exchangers embedded under the hood of the Corvette ZR1, as well as lots of expanded openings for cool air to flow through as the supercar speeds down the tarmac. Port injectors also accompany the direct injection system to allow for enough gas flow to power such a large and dynamic engine. Oh yeah, and the sound this monster makes is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up straight.

If you type Chevy Corvette ZR1 into Google, you’ll find a link to Chevy’s own website and a page all about the ZR1. On that page is a section titled, “A formidable performance with a soundtrack to match.” Plug in some headphones, or crank your speakers up, and click “activate,” then “engine start.” Once you’re there, hold down the space bar to hear what the ZR1 sounds like, and keep holding to hear how it purrs when you accelerate to top speeds. Surely it’s even more impressive in person, but Chevy also gives you the option of getting a preview through a virtual experience on their website. Kudos!

Driver Modes: Tour, Sport, and Track

The Chevy Corvette 2019 models usually come with five different driver modes. However, the ZR1 only needs three: Tour, Sport, and Track. Tour is for normal driving. Chevy knows that you don’t need to go over 200 miles per hour while on a road trip or as you drive along everyday commutes. Tour mode is specifically designed for these uses. While Sport and Track modes allow the vehicle to show off its exceptional range and power, Tour mode is there for your comfort. Engaged systems make the car far less stiff to drive in the city, while shock-dampening technology improves comfort and support, especially for long distance traveling.

Sport mode is designed for when a driver feels like showing off a bit. The volume of the throttle becomes more pronounced as you start to increase your speed past the range of the typical highway speed limit. The dashboard display and heads-up display both change their tune as well. Instead of the audio, GPS, and phone data that were prominent in Tour mode, The RPMs and speed sensors become the focal point. Sport mode is probably the option that is used most often by drivers who are not on the racetrack, as it allows you the choice of following the pack or cranking it up a notch—and turning some heads in the process.

Track mode is designed exclusively for the racetrack, but some adrenaline junkies may want to put the ZR1 into Track mode on long stretches of empty highway. Maximum acceleration levels are achieved in Track mode because of the activated launch control technology. Traction increases as well as the timing and the responsiveness of the vehicle.

Optional Track Performance Package

If you really are interested in the Corvette ZR1 because you want to take it to the races, you will definitely want to spend the extra cash on the Track Performance Package. If you’re not a racer, you may still be pumped up about some of the features. For an additional $3,000, you can add a suspension that is tuned for the maximum attainable grip supported by racetrack-oriented tires, an adjustable rear wing for added downforce, and removable front end caps, which make this Corvette look extra beastly. Even with the Track Performance Package, unless you are really a racing enthusiast, you may want to decide against the bucket-style seats, as they make the ride a little more bumpy and may need a harness or some other kind of additional support to keep drivers from scuffing up their extremities.

If you’re not into racing, you may have your eye on the ZR1 because you just love powerful sports cars. If that’s the case, the ZR1 should do more than meet your expectations. This is the fastest and most powerful Corvette ever made, last in a long line of beefy rides. The sound of the engine alone is enough to get most car geeks drooling at the mouth, and the engine popping out of the hood of the car is a sight for sore eyes. Take the ZR1 for a spin as soon as you are able, and find out firsthand what driving the fastest Corvette ever made feels like. Just do the rest of us a favor, please? Try not to leave us all in your dust.

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