Electrifying Sales of Chevy’s Volt

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2016 Chevy Volt Orders: Coming Soon


Chevy dealers everywhere are reaping the benefit of some serious sales clout, courtesy of the Volt. As an automaker, Chevrolet is no stranger to impressive accolades and awards. In fact, it’s the most award-winning vehicle manufacturer in the automotive industry and has been for two consecutive years.

But, this latest achievement is somewhat extraordinary and certainly not what most industry experts expected. The Chevy Volt is the first plug-in model to surpass 100,000 in sales in the United States. Now in its second generation, the Volt is enjoyed by more and more consumers, with positive projections for the environment.

Unfamiliar with the energy-efficient Volt? Thinking about how you might reduce your carbon footprint on our planet? We’ve got some impressive specs to share, along with the latest news on how the Volt is revolutionizing the auto industry and converting once-skeptical critics into EV consumers.


The Buzz About the Volt


2017 Chevy Volt Red


What was once considered a niche vehicle is fast assuming its position among the most popular cars on the road today. Steve Majoros, Director of Marketing for Chevrolet Cars and Crossovers, explains that “The Chevrolet Volt delivers not just a fun driving experience behind the wheel, but has become the first vehicle with plug-in electrification technology to truly become mainstream.”

The Volt was Chevy’s pioneer electric vehicle, and has successfully inspired the creation of more Chevy electric vehicle ambitions. According to Majoros, “Not only is the Volt a class-creator, it serves as the foundation of a Chevrolet electric family that will soon add the first long-range, affordable EV available to customers across the U.S., the Chevrolet Bolt EV.”

Why is this important, aside from new car creation and future innovation?


A Double Whammy: A Win for Consumers and the Environment


2016 Chevy Volt Side


Considering the purpose of electric vehicles, the environment is getting some much needed TLC, thanks to Volt drivers. When you’ve got a total 100,000 Volts on the road, what you don’t have is 58 million gallons of fuel. That’s right. Thanks to Volt drivers, there is 58 million gallons of fuel not being used, which means fewer harmful emissions released into the environment. To put that figure in perspective, that amount of fuel could top off more than 87 competition-size swimming pools.

Where does this number come from? Well, starting with the first Volt sales, drivers have since logged nearly 1.5 billion miles in EV mode out of a total 2.5 billion. If you consider the average new car fuel economy, estimated at 25.3 miles per gallon, that gets you – and better yet, gets the environment – an used 58 million gallons of fuel.

Speaking of fuel economy, the plug-in electric option on the Volt returns EPA estimates of 53 miles of electric vehicle range, which amounts to a total 420 mile range possible between complete recharging or filling up at the gas tank. These figures follow the Volt’s 106 mpg-e combined city/highway from the electric configurations, and 42 mpg combined city/highway from the gas option. As with any and all EPA estimations, your return will depend upon how you drive your vehicle and under what conditions.

These numbers represent an improvement over the first generation, which in part, results from the second generation’s lighter chassis. Actually, the current Volt sheds 220 pounds from its predecessor, which helps enhance its electric 0-30 mph acceleration by 19 percent and boosts total EV range by 39 percent.

For drivers who completely charge their 2017 Volts on a regular basis, Chevy projects they will be able to boast more than 1,000 miles of travel logged in between gas station pit stops. The 2017 Volt is equipped with an 18.4 kWh 300 V lithium-ion battery, which takes 13 hours to charge at 110V and 4.5 hours if you can up the voltage to 220. Cutting-edge EV technologies, like Regen on Demand and Location-Based Charging help make these numbers easier to achieve.


Other Volt Values

Additional perks for Volt drivers are provided by Chevy’s smartphone integration – the best on the market – along with the available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also, drivers of the 2017 Chevy Volt can opt to include Chevy’s own OnStar 4G LTE connectivity. Other enhancements for the 2017 model year include adaptive cruise control and enhanced automatic emergency braking.

Still able to seat five passengers, the four-door Volt retains its hatchback sedan body style for 2017, and offers more of the same comfortable ride quality. Available in two trim levels, the base LT and top-tier Premier, pricing starts at $33,200 and $37,570, respectively.

An ideal commuter car and popular among green-savvy younger drivers, the new Volt looks spirited and offers an exterior color palette with both youthful and professional shades, including: Summit White, Iridescent Pearl Tricoat, Silver Ice Metallic, Pepperdust Metallic, Heather Gray Metallic, Siren Red Tintcoat, Citron Green Metallic, Kinetic Blue Metallic, and Mosaic Black Metallic.


Industry Acclaim


2016 Chevy Volt family


Consumers aren’t the only ones who appreciate the Chevy Volt. Industry experts and authorities celebrate its innovation and proven ability on the road, particularly with respect to claims about environmental benefits. The Green Car Journal backs those claims and named the 2016 Volt its “Green Car of the Year.” Given the precise improvements made to the 2017 Volt, Chevy expects similar recognition in the future.

Edmunds also weighs in positively, awarding the 2017 Volt 4.2 out of 5, while The Car Connection rates it an 8 out of 10, and Kelley Blue Book, the leading authority on vehicle resale values, bumps that slightly to 8.1 out of 10.

Reading about automotive innovation and cutting-edge cars is only so fun. Granted, it’s important to be informed, but there is nothing like experience to inform your own education. Expand your knowledge base of the Chevy Volt, and the EV segment in general, by contacting your Chevy dealer for a test drive.

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