Don’t Trust Your Car to Just Anyone

April 21st, 2016 by




One of the most unfortunate misconceptions of car ownership is that you can trust any mechanic or “expert” to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle. While many people possess the know-how and general understanding of what it takes to change the oil on your car, that does not necessary mean they are equipped to do it properly. Anyone can watch a YouTube video demonstrating the ease in which spark plugs can be replaced, but a connection to the internet and over-inflated self-confidence does not translate into a skilled automotive technician. Whether you need extensive repair work completed, or are simply looking for someone to replace your air filters in Albany, NY, it always pays do your research and hire the individual best suited for the job.


What a Technician Has that Your Neighbor Doesn’t

Everyone has at least one well-meaning neighbor who insists he can help you with all of your car repair needs. Sure, his background may be in internet security, but he assures you that his abilities far exceed that of the average IT guy. Your emotional side is working hard to convince you to let him help, but your logical side insists that you seek help from someone who has a background in automotive maintenance. While in some areas of life it is best to follow your heart, in the world of automotive technicality, seeking out a professional makes the most sense.

The certified technician who works at a reputable service center such as DePaula, lives up to his name. Any garage can claim that their technicians are certified, but it takes actual courses, hours of studying, and continuing education to qualify a person as a certified technician. Every person who is able to work on your vehicle at DePaula, undergoes rigorous certification through the Chevrolet Service Center, which holds all automotive technicians accountable to the highest maintenance standards.

Your neighbor may make it his mission to watch how-to videos on YouTube for fixing common automotive issues in his spare time, but his hobby cannot compare to the extensive knowledge and training that Chevrolet Certified Technicians continuously undergo. At DePaula, our technicians don’t stop learning once their certification is complete. Rather, they commit to continuing their educational training multiple times each year in an effort to keep current with the most up to date in-vehicle technology and automotive systems.


Protect Your Vehicle, Protect Yourself

Servicing your vehicle with a certified technician will not only save your vehicle from potential issues in the future, but will in turn, protect your hard-earned money from being spent unnecessarily. Even if your neighbor promises to complete the job for half the cost of a service center, or even for free, don’t give in. Taking your vehicle to a professional will ensure that your vehicle is properly fixed, cared for, and maintained to the highest industry standards.

Your car was not bought with money that grew on your backyard tree, so don’t throw it away by giving into what might seem like a worthwhile short cut. If you take the proper steps to ensure that your car is serviced only by professional and certified technicians, you will also be ensuring that your investment is protected for years to come.