Chevy’s Spark Wins 5 Year Cost to Own Award

October 8th, 2015 by

2015 Chevrolet Spark EV

For the second year in a row, Chevy’s Spark, wins Kelley Blue Book’s 5-Year Cost to Own Award!

What does a “Cost to Own” award mean?

Every year, Kelley Blue Book awards cars different accolades in a variety of categories. The 5-Year Cost to Own segment evaluates how cost efficient said car will be over a given time. In other words, the good people at Kelley Blue Book measure how affordable (costs from repairs and regular servicing) the Chevy Spark is during a period of 5 years.  

Over the tests that Kelley Blue Book has conducted, they’ve deduced that owning a Chevy Spark over five years will cost the buyer $26,905. Being that this is one of Chevy’s newest, it is also their least expensive member of their new car lineup.  

Great news for Chevy Albany and Spark owners!

Continually Impressive

As a winner in this already frugal segment, it really showcases all the quality and value the 2015 Spark has to offer. Starting with an initial low cost of $13,000 the Spark continues to impress not only with pricing but also in fuel economy and design. Originally reaching combined 39 mpg, the Spark has a sister EV which can get up to 77 mpg.  

Perfectly Subcompact

parked spark

Even as a subcompact car, this four door hatchback isn’t necessarily ideal for highways, but because of its fuel economy and size it is perfectly suitable for a younger generation, or for those living in urban dwellings.  Its compact size is completely perfect for tight parking spots and quick maneuverability in smaller roadways and alleys.  

Funky Fresh

The interior is surprisingly larger than expected and with such modern amenities like 7” touchscreen, wifi hotspot and bluetooth recognition with voice recognition for hands free calling.  The center console is both modern and functional with nothing overwhelming and fits its size.  Blue ambient back lighting adds a soft glow that is both fresh and a bit funky.  

Roomy Feeling

Thanks to the tall roofline that provides plenty of headroom and appears sufficient in passenger space.  Even the back seats fold down to reveal more available cargo space this compact Chevy has a lot of bangs for its buck.

As we see urban landscapes becoming more dense and the SUV segment dominating sales, it’s nice to know that manufacturers are still considering that there are other drivers who want compact cars and don’t want to pay a ton for them.

Kelley Blue Book’s rating of the Chevy Spark proves that owning this car is an easy win for your finances and lifestyle.  

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