Chevy Went Big On Tech In The 2016 Spark

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2016 Chevy Spark Tech Display


Head on over to your local Chevy dealer in Albany, NY and take a look at the new 2016 Chevy Spark – a small, compact model built to look sleek and efficient for the modern driver. With an intuitive space-saving design and a small wheelbase for easy city driving, the new Spark might seem like the perfect small cruiser for those rides around town. But while many drivers might expect a small car like the Spark to pack an efficient engine and a sleek design, few may consider the sheer amount of top-quality tech that Chevy has been able to fit into this compact cockpit.

From entertainment to connectivity, and from convenience to safety, the 2016 Chevy Spark boasts some of the most exciting and innovative technology available today. Although it might not look it, this small model is packed to the vents with the latest and greatest of what Chevy has to offer in the way of advanced and driver-centered tech to turn your everyday commute into an experience to be remembered. And all it takes is getting yourself into a Spark and enjoying the ride – all thanks to the minds over at Chevy

Whether you’re a longtime tech lover or simply looking for a great new model that can stand up to the expectations of modern drivers, the 2016 Spark is an excellent and forward thinking choice to bring into the future. Here’s a look at some of the best tech found on the 2016 Spark, and just why we’re so impressed with everything this compact brings to the table.


Top-Quality Entertainment At Your Fingertips


2016 Chevrolet Spark Android Auto


Maybe you’re looking for a model that lets you bring all your favorite tunes with you wherever you go, or perhaps something with the right connectivity features to let you stay connected even when you’re on the road – whatever your needs, the 2016 Spark has you covered.

Start with the standard Chevrolet MyLink 7-inch diagonal touch-screen, your own personal command center located right in the middle of the ergonomic dash layout. With the simple tap of a fingertip, the MyLink system grants you access to connectivity, entertainment, and anything else you might need to stay happy and stay focused while out on the road. Choose from streaming music or radio, browse online apps, and even get directions with the Spark’s available navigation system to help keep you on the right track no matter how far you roam.

Drivers and passengers are able to connect seamlessly with up to seven devices – including smartphones, tablets, and other devices – using the Spark’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi throughout the cabin, which also acts as a mobile hotspot for devices around your Spark even when you’re not on the road. Guests can sync their devices via Bluetooth and even through advanced services like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, meaning better selection when it comes to bringing your own music, sharing tunes with friends while on the road, and even making calls on the road. And with Android Auto, drivers can stay focused and stay in the zone with access to select apps, calendars and playlists, as well as navigation with Google Maps. Whatever your needs, the MyLink System is sure to help you stay on the ball even when you’re in your car – and for most drivers, that’s a welcome change that we’ve all been waiting for.


Easy Accessibility, Even When Away


2016 Chevy Spark Wheel Controls


For every great new technology, there’s a great new way for users to interact – and these days, it seems like everything is done on smartphones. That’s why Chevy gives all their new drivers – including those of the new 2016 Sonic – access to the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app, a powerful feature that allows drivers to stay connected with their cars even when their cars are not in sight. RemoteLink remedies that sinking feeling of having left your doors unlocked with a remote locking function, and users can even sound their car’s horn and lights for easier visibility in crowded or dark parking lots.


Designed With Safety In Mind


2016 Chevy Spark Safety Back


If there’s one aspect of modern automotive tech that’s easily overlooked but constantly relied upon, it’s safety tech – the crucial underpinnings of just about every safety-conscious modern vehicle. On the 2016 Spark this is no exception, in fact – it’s a point of pride – evidenced by the Spark’s wide array of advanced safety tech to help keep you and your most important cargo – your passengers – as safe as can be, regardless of what the road might throw at you.

The 2016 Spark takes standard safety requirements and ups the ante, providing 10 standard airbags, advanced seatbelts, 4-wheel antilock brakes and a high-strength steel safety cage to every new Spark, virtually guaranteeing you’ll be well-protected in the event of a nasty collision. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and Chevy knows that – and that’s why the 2016 Spark packs some incredible preventative safety tech as well, ready to step in and help prevent accidents long before they happen.

A standard rear vision camera with available Rear Park Assist helps make those tight parking spots and blind reverses easier than they’ve ever been, helping you to safely maneuver even when a clear line of sight isn’t readily available. Available Forward Collision Alert detects sudden stops ahead and can tell you when you need to start braking to prveent a collision, and available Lane Departure Warning makes those pesky blind spots much safer with visual warnings when a car is coming up on your side. While no safety features can replace the quick-thinking and responsiveness of an attentive and alert driver, having backup definitely helps make those day-to-day drives that much safer in the face of uncertainty on the road.

And just in case anything does happen on the road, Chevy offers all Spark drivers a complimentary six-month subscription to the OnStar Guidance Plan with Automatic Crash Response. This brings immediate help right to your location in the event of an accident, helping you get safe faster and giving you greater peace of mind out on the road.

So whatever you need in modern automotive tech, the 2016 Chevy Spark is sure to have a good deal of what you’re looking for. Built to be better, this new Spark offers a good look at what we can expect from the future of consumer models – and with everything found in this impressive Chevy, we’re more than excited to see what the future has in store. For now, the 2016 Spark more than meets our expectations – and we’re pretty sure you’ll like it, too.

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