Chevy SUVS Pack Some Seriously Impressive Technology

March 29th, 2017 by

These days, no vehicle is complete without the latest in advanced, modern technology. Providing an enjoyable and entertaining ride to your passengers, keeping you connected to your life even when you’re behind the wheel, and staying safe with the power of cutting-edge tech have all become expected features in today’s new vehicles. Most drivers know to not settle for anything less than the best, of course. But when it comes to bringing the best all together under one roof, few manufacturers can compete with what Chevy SUVs bring to the table.

That’s because Chevy SUVs combine decades of excellence in automotive engineering with an eye for what modern drivers are looking for in top-tier tech. That means not accepting the expected, but exceeding expectations with impressive entertainment, connectivity, and safety tech to keep you and all your passengers satisfied no matter how far you may venture.

Here’s a look at some of the most impressive tech options found on current Chevy SUVs. Take a peek for yourself and see just what may be waiting for you on the lot at your local, trusted Chevy dealer.

Instant Entertainment at Your Fingertips

Keeping your passengers happy and entertained takes more than a crossword puzzle and the same old word games. Today’s road warriors expect something a little bit more engaging, and Chevy knows just how to make that happen. It’s all thanks to the Chevy MyLink system: a comprehensive and connected infotainment system found in all of today’s Chevys, opening up more entertainment options than many drivers ever thought possible.

Use the ergonomic 7- and 8-inch touch screens found on most Chevy SUVs, like the 2017 Suburban or the 2018 Chevy Equinox, to connect your Chevy MyLink system to your favorite streaming music, radio, and entertainment apps, all at your fingertips every mile along the way.

Or, if you’d rather your passengers take control of the tunes, you can connect your preferred smartphone directly to your Chevy SUV, thanks to the available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This allows you to access all your music and audio content on your phone with one easy connection, helping you stay focused and keep your eyes on the road without missing your entertainment options.

Plus, some Chevy models (like the 2017 Suburban) even offer an available Rear-Seat Entertainment System with Blu-ray screens in both the second and third back rows. Each screen features a handy HDMI connector to attach devices for projection on in-vehicle screens, as well as digital headphones so each passenger can enjoy their viewing pleasure in peace. All this comes together to create one of the most inviting tech experiences found on the roads today, and it’s all available in this year’s outstanding Chevy SUVs.

Stay Connected and Stay Productive – No Matter Where the Road Takes You

Heading out on the road shouldn’t mean you and your passengers need to leave your work behind. Chevy knows just how important it is for drivers to stay connected and stay productive even in motion, and that’s why this year’s Chevy SUV lineup utilizes some of the most cutting-edge connectivity tech to keep you in the game even when your focus is on the road.

Everyone in your Chevy can stay on task, thanks to the available 4G LTE Wi-Fi throughout the cabin, which helps keep you connected and streaming no matter where your journeys may lead you. You’ll be able to connect up to seven devices at once, meaning you can have the whole team together and get things done even as you make the trip to that next big meeting. It’s all just one more way Chevy works to keep you moving at the speed that’s right for you.

Safety and Technology Make for Great Partners

When it comes to watching your back on the road – especially when you’re hauling particularly precious cargo, like family or friends – nothing can make more of a difference than top-tier safety tech working in the background to keep you safe on all sides. That’s why Chevy presents a wide range of advanced and preventative safety technology in their SUVS, providing families and Chevy lovers everywhere with comprehensive safety every second a Chevy is out on the road.

While no safety system can replace the value of an attentive driver, additional preventative tech can help cover both you and your blind spots when things get hectic, or when the unexpected strikes. Available Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking can detect an oncoming front-end collision whenever your Chevy is traveling under 50 miles per hour, and will subsequently apply the brakes automatically to prevent or reduce damage that may result from an impact. Ask anyone who’s been distracted in bumper-to-bumper traffic and they’ll tell you it’s helpful to have a second pair of eyes looking forward, even if you swear your eyes are doing the same.

Available Side Blind Zone Alert and Forward Collision Alert both sense the road around you for oncoming vehicles, helping shine light on your blind spots when things start to get crazy up ahead. These work with available Lane Keep Assist, which monitors your vehicle to prevent it from drifting out of its lane. Add in Rear Park Assist to make pulling in and out of tight spaces easier than ever and you’ve got one safety system ready to take on whatever the road might have in store.

Regardless of what you may be looking for in your next SUV, the fact is that Chevy SUVs simply provide the best and most complete arsenal of technology options to make your ride easier, more enjoyable, and safer than ever. If you’re ready to turn up your tech game and get yourself in a vehicle that can seamlessly shift into the future, there’s simply no better option than a modern Chevy SUV. Check one out for yourself and see just what awaits you – you may never settle for anything less.

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