Chevy Certified Parts: The Way to Go

October 7th, 2015 by

GM Chevy Certified

Have you been the recent lucky recipient of a fender bender? Been hearing a rattle under your hood? Squeaky brakes? Sure, you can choose to take your car anywhere you’d like, but there’s really only one place where you can go that will guarantee certified technicians using certified Chevy car parts and that’s the service department at DePaula Chevrolet.

If any of these sound familiar then you know it’s time to take your Chevy into get repaired or serviced.

Chevy Car Repairs

Sometimes, as car owners, these are the sounds we fear the most because we know it’s going to cost a pretty penny that we may or may not have, but regardless can think of a million other ways we’d rather spend that penny. Sticking our head in the sand won’t make it go away either, in fact, it’s only going to make the situation worse.

Dealing with these issues head on, and bringing your car to the right place will guarantee that your Chevy’s stays running strong for a long time.  

Chevy Car Parts

chevy parts

Because Chevy car parts are genuine GM parts and original equipment, they have been designed, produced and tested specifically for your Chevrolet vehicle. Every Chevy made is an original and to keep your original running at peak performance, you need specific parts that ensure the quality and value you’re looking for.  

Whether you’re restoring an old classic, or customizing a brand new rig, Chevy parts are going to provide the perfect fit and dependability that you can come to expect from all their products.

Chevy Certified Specialist

It’s understandable that these days, everyone is on a budget; some more tight that others. What you’re buying when you purchase a Chevy is reliability and dependability, quality and value. You know and rely on the fact that your Chevy Silverado is going to last your for a very long time, and you need it to. So why even consider taking it somewhere the parts won’t be guaranteed or under a warranty?

Chevy’s last a long time because they’re engineered that way by masters of their craft and trade. Chevy’s last forever because their owners respect the design and process and take care of them. That means using the very best parts available.

Your certified technician at DePaula Chevrolet is trained to know every inch of your vehicle. They know exactly what that noise is and how to fix it. Certified specialists know specifically which parts your Chevy truck, car or SUV needs.

Taking advantage of the team of specialists provided by DePaula Chevrolet is a no brainer. It’s further investing into the longevity of your vehicle. It’s the right choice.

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